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Facelift Surgery Guide: What to Expect, Procedures, Recovery

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As you grow older, your skin and facial muscles undergo various changes that make you look old, tired, and upset. The skin on your face starts sagging, leading to nasolabial folds, jowls in the cheeks and jaws, and loose folds of skin and fat. The loss of fat may also lead to a sunken and hollow appearance. This article provides a comprehensive overview of facelift surgery, preparatory guidelines, and the post-treatment recovery process. While everyone eventually undergoes the aging process, the signs of aging can appear earlier due to smoking, ...
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Will a Facelift Make Me Look Youthful Again?

Who doesn’t want to look younger? But it’s also a reality that we all grow old at some point, and sometimes, the signs of ageing show even before we expect it. Fine lines and wrinkles are just two of the most common changes that you might notice first as you grow older. Unfortunately, more often than not, you cannot get rid of them just by applying regular skincare products. Good thing; there’s face lift surgery. But will this cosmetic procedure help you look youthful again? What is face lift surgery? ...
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How to Get Rid of Jowls

Jowls are characterised by sagging skin and tissue that extend below your chin or jawline. This cosmetic concern will happen to virtually everyone as they age, due to the skin gradually thinning and losing its elasticity. While some people may have minimal jowling as they get older, others may find they have noticeable sagging in the lower face as young as their 40s. Factors such as genetics, excess sun exposure, and lifestyle habits like smoking can all contribute to the development of prominent jowls. For those unhappy with mild jowling, ...
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Ways to Reduce the Signs of Facial Ageing

What can I do to Erase or Minimize Signs of Aging in my Face? Signs of aging in your face can be a big problem as you get older. A Sydney cosmetic surgeon can help you evaluate the cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery techniques which can erase or minimize these signs so that you regain a more youthful and attractive appearance. Some possible treatments can include: Face Lift, Brow Lift, and Eye Lift These are plastic surgery techniques which help to lift any sagging skin and other tissues, giving your ...
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What are my Options When it Comes to Body Contouring?

Body contouring is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed, and there are many different options for improving the appearance of specific areas on your body. Many men and women both find that they have developed stubborn areas of body fat that are almost impossible to eliminate, even with the strictest diet and regular exercise. A Sydney plastic surgeon can help you determine which fat reduction and body contouring methods are right for your cosmetic goals. Some of these methods are non invasive with little or no down time ...
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Neck or Facelift? The Differences in Facial Rejuvenation

The goal of facial rejuvenation is to give you a younger and more attractive appearance, but should you do this with a facelift, a neck lift, or some other method instead? It is possible to minimise or even get rid of visible signs of aging like wrinkles, turkey neck, sagging skin, drooping, and fat loss. It is not possible to stop time and prevent aging but you can stay younger looking and maintain a more attractive appearance with facial rejuvenation methods like a facelift or a neck lift. The specific ...
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What to Expect During Facelift Recovery

When you decide to undergo a procedure like the facelift, your comfort is our priority. Dr Steve Merten will educate you on the specifics of what you can expect following your surgery, as well as provide you with post-operative care instructions to ensure the healing process goes smoothly. Immediately after your procedure, dressings will be placed around your cheeks and neck, which will include compression bandages. A drainage tube is typically used for the first couple days to remove excess fluid, but this is taken out soon after. It is ...
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Am I a Good Candidate for Facelift Surgery?

Facelift surgery can be a highly beneficial procedure for the right candidate. At Pure Aesthetics, we offer different variations of this popular procedure to address each patient’s specific problem areas. Whether you need a mini, mid, or full facelift, Dr Steve Merten will determine your candidacy during the consultation process. If you are unhappy with the effects ageing has had on your facial appearance and are in generally good health, you may be a good candidate for facelift surgery. At the time of your consultation, Dr Merten will assess your ...
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What Is a Non-surgical Facelift?

A non-surgical facelift, or liquid facelift, is a less invasive alternative to the traditional facelift procedure. In a non-surgical facelift, cosmetic injectables are utilised in various areas of the face to provide a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance. Our Cosmetic Physician, Dr Noela Ferch, employs different techniques to address the face as a whole to help patients reach their aesthetic goals without the need for surgery. At Pure Aesthetics we offer anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers for those desiring subtle lifting and tightening of their facial appearance. Both injectable options address ...
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How Much Younger Will I Look After a Facelift?

How much younger can you look after a facelift? Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Steve Merten explains that a facelift can minimize any sagging, wrinkles, and folds in your face and chin, and this can often give a more youthful appearance because the skin is repositioned and any extra skin has been trimmed off. As you age your skin tissues change in elasticity, and once firm skin may start to wrinkle and sag as a result. A qualified plastic surgeon can evaluate whether you are a good candidate for this type ...
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