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3 Ways to Refresh Your Look for Winter (Without Surgery)

Temperatures may be cooling down, but there is no reason your appearance can’t be heating up. A non-surgical cosmetic procedure may be just the ticket for reviving your complexion for the season. At Pure Aesthetics, we have a number of minimally-invasive options to enhance your appearance without a major disruption to your daily life. Cosmetic Injections Muscle relaxant injections are some of the most popular cosmetic treatments performed in Australia. These procedures involve the injection of a medication that relaxes the facial muscles that lead to the formation of some ...
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Will Dermal Fillers Eliminate my Wrinkles?

Dermal fillers have been available for decades to fight wrinkles and give a more youthful appearance, and advances in non surgical cosmetic procedures mean that more dermal filler products are available which can last longer and give superior results to those offered 20-30 years ago. These products do not require traditional plastic surgery like a facelift does but they can be very effective at filling in wrinkles that can make you look older. A Sydney cosmetic surgeon will inject the chosen product into the skin in the office, no hospitalization ...
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Treatments to Get You in a Christmas Mood!

With Christmas on the way, now is the time get your glow on in time for the festivities. Whether you want to rejuvenate your skin or plump up your pout, the staff at Pure Aesthetics has the non-surgical treatments you need to look your best from Christmas to New Year’s Eve. With quick results and no downtime involved, you can look your best without missing a minute of the fun. Check out these enhancements you can enjoy throughout Christmas and the rest of the summer season. Get a Lift Is ...
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Choosing the Right Injectable Treatment

If you are looking for a way to turn back the clock and enhance your appearance without significant discomfort or downtime, injectable treatments are often the right choice. With many formulations to choose from, the staff at Pure Aesthetics are able to customise your treatment to your specific concerns. To help you understand which injectable treatment might be the right choice for you, we have also broken down our treatment options into two basic categories. Muscle-Relaxant Injections Some types of facial wrinkles are caused by making the same expressions over ...
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Refresh Your Look for Summer

Did you know that not all cosmetic procedures are based around surgery? It is possible to refresh your appearance and deal with wrinkles, blemishes and the natural loss of volume around the face using non-surgical procedures such as soft-tissue fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. These procedures are popular with both men and women. Soft-tissue fillers Also referred to as dermal fillers, soft-tissue fillers help to fill out or enhance contours in a way that will improve your appearance. They ‘plump up’ thin lips, remove fine lines and reduce the appearance of ...
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Soft Tissue Fillers: What They Are and How They Work

Soft tissue fillers, also called dermal fillers, are one of the top requests that cosmetic surgeons see according to Sydney Plastic Surgeon, Dr Steve Merten. Cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery is on the rise as more people want to look younger or change certain parts of their appearance. Soft tissue fillers are not invasive the way that traditional plastic surgery is or as expensive, and there is little or no recovery time needed. Most patients do not experience any serious side effects or complications with dermal fillers and they can ...
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Trending Brows: What Makes the Perfect Brow?

Your eyebrows are a very visible and vital part of your appearance, and even small flaws, lines, or visible signs of aging in this area can make you look older or less appealing. A perfect brow can help frame your eyes and elevate the other facial components of your appearance. The right brow shape and fullness can even help eliminate years from your appearance and hide your true biological age. Tweezing your brow is not enough as you age in many cases but there are also cosmetic procedures which can ...
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Summer Faces Are Made in Spring

Great skin that is young, fresh, and gorgeous does not happen overnight, and if you want to have your best summer face ready for the season you need to start in the spring. You want to start summer with skin that is clear, glowing, and vibrant. Skin that is dull, lifeless, wrinkled, rough, or patchy can cause you to spend this summer indoors and out of the social spotlight. Planning ahead and taking steps in the spring to achieve healthy and fabulous looking skin will help you get a summer ...
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Should I Have Plastic Surgery Or Use Cosmetic Procedures Instead?

If you are not happy with your appearance then cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery may be able to help. Which of these methods is the best choice though? Before you decide whether to undergo an invasive plastic surgery you need to determine if there are less invasive methods and less expensive cosmetic procedures that may be able to provide similar results. According to Sydney plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Merten there are many factors involved in this decision, and the right cosmetic specialist can help you make the right decision for ...
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Can I Eliminate Signs of Aging Without Plastic Surgery?


I am getting older, and I am starting to notice signs of aging. Do I need to use traditional plastic surgery methods like a facelift, or can I eliminate these signs of aging in another way instead? Cosmetic procedures and a number of newer products on the market may be able to help you look fresher without the invasive techniques or risks that are involved with plastic surgery procedures. According to Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steve Merten there are a number of ways that you can improve your appearance without ...
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