The goal of facial rejuvenation is to give you a younger and more attractive appearance, but should you do this with a facelift, a neck lift, or some other method instead? It is possible to minimise or even get rid of visible signs of aging like wrinkles, turkey neck, sagging skin, drooping, and fat loss. It is not possible to stop time and prevent aging but you can stay younger looking and maintain a more attractive appearance with facial rejuvenation methods like a facelift or a neck lift. The specific type of cosmetic plastic surgery that you have will depend on your specific problems and the signs of aging that you have.

What is a Facelift and What Can This Surgery Do?

Rhytidectomy, the medical term for a facelift, involves surgery and is performed under a general anaesthetic. This type of cosmetic plastic surgery can make your face and neck look years younger but it is a fairly invasive procedure that involves some risks and complications that need to be considered. Results are much more drastic and last much longer than nonsurgical cosmetic treatments.

A facelift can help improve:

  • Lower eyelid creases that are moderate to deep
  • Sagging and drooping in the middle area of your face
  • Deep nasolabial lines, the creases that run from your nose to your mouth corners
  • Skin that is loose or that drapes
  • Excess fat along the jawline that contributes to jowls
  • Fallen or missing areas of fat
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles

A facelift will not:

  • Drastically change your basic appearance
  • Stop further signs of aging from happening

What is a Neck Lift and What Can This Surgery Do?

A neck lift, also called a lower rhytidectomy, is plastic surgery to improve the appearance of your lower jaw, jawline, and neck. As you age these areas may start to see skin that is loose, sagging, or drooping. Excess fat can also be deposited in these areas, giving you jowls or making part of your face seem bloated at times. There are some risks and complications that are associated with this plastic surgery, and it involves undergoing an invasive surgical procedure and is generally done with general anesthesia in a medical setting. If your upper face is still young looking and attractive but your lower face is starting to show signs of your true age then a neck lift may be a good choice.

A neck lift can help improve:

  • Loose skin in your neck
  • Turkey waddle
  • Double chins
  • Jowls created by relaxed muscles and excess fat deposits along your jawline
  • Chin fat deposits
  • Neck muscle banding

A neck lift will not:

  • Drastically change your basic appearance
  • Stop further signs of aging from happening

Neck Lift or Facelift: Which Facial Rejuvenation Method is Right for You?

If you want facial rejuvenation then you may benefit from a facelift or neck lift. Determining which method is right should involve a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon who will go over the issues that you want to correct and help you decide which method to use for the best possible results.

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