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Male Procedures

The team of experts at Pure Aesthetics has a range of procedures especially for men.

For Men

Are you a male seeking plastic surgery? Surgery for cosmetic reasons has become increasingly common for men. Our society places a high value on physical appearance, looking fit and, of course, looking young. Men of all ages and from all walks of life are requesting surgery to improve the way they look and boost their self-confidence.

Our most popular procedures For Men include:

  • male breast reductionmale breast reduction
  • female to male “top” chest surgeryfemale to male “top” chest surgery
  • facelift and neckliftfacelift and necklift
  • rhinoplasty and nose job servicesrhinoplasty and nose job services
  • eyelid lifteyelid lift
  • forehead/eyebrow liftforehead/eyebrow lift
  • protruding earsprotruding ears
  • hyperhidrosis/ excessive sweatinghyperhidrosis/ excessive sweating
  • contact uscontact us
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