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What is a ‘Mummy Makeover’?

The journey from pregnancy to motherhood is one of the best experiences that any woman can go through. But with the joy of becoming a mum also comes the many changes that you will go through physically, and it might affect not only how you look but also how you feel about yourself. A lot of mothers look at themselves in the mirror and see sagging breasts, some extra baby fat, and stretch marks, all of which can affect their confidence. But, if you experience any or all of this, ...
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When is Abdominoplasty Recommended and Why?

Abdominoplasty, also called a tummy tuck, is a very common type of plastic surgery. After pregnancy or major weight loss the skin and muscles of your abdomen can become stretched out, sag, and affect how you look and feel about your body. Excess fat may also be stored in the abdomen as a result of aging, and these muscles weaken as you get older. The result can be a pouch, or folds of skin and fat that hang. An experienced Sydney plastic surgeon can help you get a flatter, firmer, ...
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Getting Your Body Back After Major Weight Loss or Pregnancy

Can I get my Body Back After Pregnancy or Major Weight Loss Using Plastic Surgery and Other Cosmetic Procedures? After pregnancy or drastic weight loss it is common to develop loose skin, hanging folds of tissue, skin that sags, and areas of cellulite that can affect your confidence in how you look and lower your self esteem. There are a number of plastic surgery techniques and cosmetic procedures that can help you get your body back after you have gone through pregnancy, often called a mummy makeover, or you have ...
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What Factors into the Cost of a Mummy Makeover?

Deciding to undergo a plastic surgery procedure like the mummy makeover can be a difficult decision. A major concern that many individuals have while making this decision is if they can afford the procedure in the first place. If you are considering a mummy makeover, it can help to understand what factors influence the total cost to determine if the procedure is right for you. Since mummy makeovers are highly customisable – combining procedures such as Breast Enlargement, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction – the amount you can expect ...
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How Long Is Recovery After a Mummy Makeover?

Being a mother requires a lot of sacrifices, but your confidence shouldn’t be one of them! Many women have regained their pre-baby bodies with the help of a mummy makeover. Our team at Pure Aesthetics is pleased to offer such a deserving group of women the chance to correct the unwanted changes that often result from pregnancy and breastfeeding. A major concern that many of these women have, however, is how long it will take to get back to normal after the procedure. Since a mummy makeover can involve different ...
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What Preoperative Tests Should I Get Before a Mummy Makeover?

Motherhood can be one of the most rewarding jobs, but there’s no doubt pregnancy can cause physical changes that aren’t as desirable. For those wishing to restore their pre-baby bodies, our team is proud to offer the mummy makeover procedure, which combines different surgeries to address the specific concerns of each individual. Although we strive to help you achieve your cosmetic goals, safety is our number one priority. Prior to your procedure, you will need to undergo a few medical tests to ensure you are eligible for the mummy makeover. ...
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