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Scar Removal Sydney: Types of Scars and Their Treatments

Scar removal sydney

  Do you have a scar that you wish would go away? Well, it is possible to at least make it less prominent with scar removal surgery. It may not be possible to remove it completely but you can choose the best treatment available for the type of scar that causes you discomfort. How scars form during the natural healing process When your skin is injured or cut, this leaves scars when the area heals. As the skin heals naturally, new tissue grows to fill in the gaps and bring ...
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Get Rid of Your Scars Today: Scar Revision

If you have undergone extensive surgery or have had an accident in which injury occurred, you may have been left with an unsightly scar. While scars can vary from person to person in terms of size, appearance and significance, there are a variety of options to help reduce the appearance of scars. Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Steve Merten offers his patients state of the art plastic surgery procedures that may significantly improve the appearance of scars of all sorts of shapes, size or body location. Dr Merten’s procedures use the ...
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