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Body Contouring After Weight Loss: Sydney Cosmetic Surgery Options

Body Contouring

It takes hard work to lose weight. Changing to a healthier lifestyle can be challenging and you need perseverance, especially when losing a large amount weight. Finally you reach your target goal and feel overjoyed. Only one thing, you may be left with excessive sagging folds of skin which may put a dampener on your achievement. Trying to hide the skin does not work, so removing it becomes an option. Specialist plastic surgery can help to remove or tighten excess skin and reshape affected parts of your body. Body contouring ...
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How Body Contouring after Major Weight Loss Improves Body Image

Body Contouring Sydney - Pure Aesthetics

It takes a great deal of discipline and hard work to lose a lot of weight so congratulate yourself on the achievement. But this may not be where your journey ends. Major weight loss can leave you with skin that has lost its elasticity or a lot of loose skin. After such a great achievement, excess skin can make life difficult. Apart from the health issues, such as skin rashes and infection from moisture collecting between the folds, loose skin can make you uncomfortable and self-conscious. It may rub on ...
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Getting Your Body Back After Major Weight Loss or Pregnancy

Can I get my Body Back After Pregnancy or Major Weight Loss Using Plastic Surgery and Other Cosmetic Procedures? After pregnancy or drastic weight loss it is common to develop loose skin, hanging folds of tissue, skin that sags, and areas of cellulite that can affect your confidence in how you look and lower your self esteem. There are a number of plastic surgery techniques and cosmetic procedures that can help you get your body back after you have gone through pregnancy, often called a post pregnancy reconstruction, or you ...
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Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

liposuction patient in sydney

Massive weight loss is a huge accomplishment for men and women around the world. However, after all the extra weight is lost and a new lifestyle has begun, excess skin is left in its place. At Pure Aesthetics, we want to congratulate every one of you out there that have shed sweat, tears and time to get healthy and live well. Your healthy heart is worth it, we promise! The extra skin is unpleasant and isn’t much of a reward for the amount of work you’ve put into the new ...
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Dr Merten Featured in Body Contouring Article

Loosing a dramatic amount of weight is quite the accomplishment, but for many people this is not the end of their journey. Regardless of how the weight was lost, excessive amounts of skin can still lead to self-consciousness and health problems. Fortunately, body contouring procedures are available to help eliminate extra skin. Read the article below, published in The Sunday Morning Herald, for a first hand view of how people used these procedures to help complete their life changing transformation and what Dr Merten has to say about the process....
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Surgery for Multiple Aesthetic Concerns Following Weight Loss

After a dramatic weight loss, skin tightening and lifting procedures may be desired in multiple areas of the body. During the initial consultation that I have with all of my patients, we will go over all of the issues the patient wants to correct. When there are a number of concerns, I will discuss each one of the possible treatment options with the patient, as well as the advantages and drawbacks of each. Body sculpting and liposuction can be used to address several problem body areas at once, and lifts ...
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Post-Weight Loss Plastic Surgery Q&A with Dr Merten

In a recent interview, our Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Steve Merten, shares valuable information regarding the aftermath of a dramatic weight loss. He details common procedures requested by his post-weight loss plastic surgery patients, as well as what makes someone an ideal candidate. Whether the weight was lost through bariatric surgery, or through natural means of diet and exercise, Dr Merten is proud to offer his patients renewed confidence in the body they worked so hard to achieve. For more information about body contouring after weight loss, please do not ...
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What Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Procedures Should I Have if I am Not Happy with the Way I Look after a Massive Weight Loss?

Excess skin after weight loss

A massive weight loss can help you lower your body weight by a substantial amount, but there can be substantial other problems with the way you look once the weight loss is complete. This may be especially true if you lost weight quickly, because the rapid or very large volume changes in weight can leave you with excess skin that droops and other problems, according to Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Steve Merten. In many cases, cosmetic plastic surgery may help improve your appearance after massive weight loss, by removing excess ...
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