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Plastic Surgery

Pure Aesthetics is one of Sydney's most well established Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinics.

Interstate and Overseas Patients

Making the optimal choice for your cosmetic procedures couldn’t be any more important. This is why so many people opt to travel to work with the optimal facility and the right doctor. Once you’ve made your ideal selection, traveling makes a world of sense. Pure Aesthetics can assist you with every aspect of your interstate or international travel.

If you are planning on visiting Sydney for your procedure, we advise you to take a range of high quality photos and send to info@pureaesthetics.com.au so that our plastic surgeon Dr Merten can assess suitability for surgery. We can then provide you with a price estimate. We will get you to send us some information about you and send you an information pack on the particular procedure.

If you would like to schedule your surgery, we require a surgery deposit of : $3000 or 50% of surgery, whichever is greater, to be processed at the time of booking, remainder to be paid two weeks prior to surgery date.

Your initial consultation and subsequent consultation fees must be paid in full at the time of booking .

For timings between appointments and surgery dates please contact us.

Your Travel Plans and Accommodations

After you have decided on a date for your procedure, we can help you with all of your travel plans. We realise that you may have a lot on your mind, and we want to help ensure that your travel experience is as trouble free as possible. We work with some of the best hotels in Sydney and can make excellent recommendations for your accommodations.

Arrangements After the Procedure

You will receive detailed information on what you should and should not do during your recovery.


When can I fly on commercial airline?

We recommend you stay until at least the initial post op appointment prior to flying. If however, there is a need to return sooner, ask Dr Merten on when the patient can fly as this varies depending on the surgery. We recommend you get in touch with your local GP so we can liase with them on any further care.

Do I have to bring someone with me?

We strongly recommend having someone with you, particularly given after surgery where your mobility and general care activities will be hindered.

Is it possible to have, initial, subsequent, op and follow up in one go?


Is the subsequent consult essential?

Yes, this is where paperwork needs to be filled out, garments and prosthesis need to be ordered, and Dr Merten can discuss your surgery with you again. It gives you time to raise any further questions or concerns.

Is it better if I have my surgery locally?

As long as you allocate sufficient time for the decision making process and for the postoperative recovery, having your surgery from interstate will not jeopardise either the outcome or your experience.

Will there be support to help me through this whole process?

Our doctors are on call 24-hours a day if there is a problem. In this way, we want you to understand that you may be are away from home, but you are not away from quality care.

You have opted to travel to Sydney to have Pure Aesthetics handle your procedures. You can trust us to do everything we can to ensure that you are well cared for while visiting our facility and our city.

What if I have a problem after I return home?

For immediate concerns, please see your local GP or Emergency Department. Please also notify Pure Aesthetics of any complications and they will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Rest assured that Pure Aesthetics will support you through the whole process.

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