Jowls are characterised by sagging skin and tissue that extend below your chin or jawline. This cosmetic concern will happen to virtually everyone as they age, due to the skin gradually thinning and losing its elasticity. While some people may have minimal jowling as they get older, others may find they have noticeable sagging in the lower face as young as their 40s. Factors such as genetics, excess sun exposure, and lifestyle habits like smoking can all contribute to the development of prominent jowls.

For those unhappy with mild jowling, a non-surgical skin treatment can often help firm the area by improving skin elasticity. Dermal fillers are another option that can be used to help camouflage the jowling by adding subtle volume to the surrounding areas. Patients with more significant jowling, on the other hand, often require a more advanced solution to sufficiently improve the unwanted sign of ageing. Through face lift surgery, our specialist plastic surgeons can effectively reduce the appearance of jowls by tightening and lifting the tissue to create more youthful facial contours.

While surgery cannot stop the ageing process, a procedure like the face lift, often combined with a neck lift, can take years off of one’s appearance and help an individual age more gracefully. In some cases, a “mini” face lift may offer enough improvement in the sagging skin to achieve the patient’s desired outcome. This less invasive technique is often performed on women in their 40s or even younger, and it can help address early signs of ageing to prevent the formation of significant jowls in the future.

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