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Facial Feminization Surgery in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

Facial Feminization Sydney

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a range of facial and neck procedures for transgender women to align facial appearance with their female gender. Transgender women may elect to undergo facial feminisation surgery (FFS) so their appearance matches how they see themselves. Facial features such as the jaw line, eyes and brow are inherently gender specific and are on show for the whole world to see, while other parts of the body may be easier to hide. For transgender women, feminising their face can be a critical part of transitioning. While ...
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Navigating the Journey: What to Know About Female to Male ‘Top’ Chest Surgery

Female to Male 'Top' Chest Surgery

Many people are born with female bodies that do not match the gender they identify with. This can cause years of distress and an intensely emotional journey of transitioning. Female to male transitioning—what is it? To address the emotional journey of gender affirmation, you may decide to transition. So what it is female to male transitioning? If you are a transgender male, it means you were born into a female body but truly believe you are male. But, because you have a female body, your family and society see you ...
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What are the eligibility criteria for transgender male teens in Australia to undergo ‘top’ surgery?

eligibility criteria for transgender male teens in Australia

Transgender male teens may want to physically change their appearance more in line with how they feel. Being born female but identifying as male can be incredibly difficult. It is a time where they need their parent’s support and the support of their medical practitioner to make good decisions. So how do you help your teenager determine if gender affirming surgery is right for them if they are under 18? Deciding whether to undergo ‘top’ surgery Making the decision to support your teenager having top surgery to affirm their gender is ...
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Gender Affirming Surgery

gender affirming surgery

Gender affirmation surgery, often referred to as gender affirming surgery or sex reassignment is a collective term that encompasses numerous surgical procedures performed on transgender men, women, and gender-nonconforming individuals. The goal is to make the individual’s outward appearance reflect their innate gender identity.  This article provides an overview of the various components of gender reassignment, including FTM top surgery, MTF top surgery, and facial feminization.  Gender Affirming Surgery – Female to Male Top Surgery  FTM top surgery, short for “female-to-male top surgery,” refers to surgeries that transform feminine breasts ...
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