relaxWhen you decide to undergo a procedure like the facelift, your comfort is our priority. Dr Steve Merten will educate you on the specifics of what you can expect following your surgery, as well as provide you with post-operative care instructions to ensure the healing process goes smoothly.

Immediately after your procedure, dressings will be placed around your cheeks and neck, which will include compression bandages. A drainage tube is typically used for the first couple days to remove excess fluid, but this is taken out soon after. It is normal to experience swelling for a few weeks after the facelift, and any pain or discomfort can be managed with oral medication. Your stitches will be removed after approximately seven to ten days.

Most patients feel they are able to return to work after two weeks, but this will ultimately depend on personal preference. You can begin to see your facelift results at about two or three weeks and will get a better idea of your final outcome once you reach three months. It is important that you avoid strenuous activities for the first month, as to not disrupt the healing process.

The downtime you experience after a facelift will vary based on the extent of your surgery, like whether you underwent a mini, mid, or full facelift, but the above information gives a general idea of what you can expect during your recovery.

For more specific details of what to expect, please contact Pure Aesthetics to schedule your consultation.