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Otoplasty for Kids: A Parent’s Perspective and Guidance


If your child has oddly shaped ears, or they are overly large or stick out too far from their head, others may bully them at school because of their looks. This can have emotional consequences such has not wanting to go to school, poor academic performance and low self-esteem. Surgery for protruding ears (otoplasty) can correct the appearance of your child’s ears. Otoplasty surgery has become more common over the years. Parents are now more aware of how ears can impact their child’s confidence and self-esteem. While many parents may want ...
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What is Otoplasty and What Does This Plastic Surgery Involve?

Otoplasty, commonly called ear surgery, is a fairly common type of cosmetic surgery which can be performed on children and adults both. During the procedure the Sydney plastic surgeon will alter the shape, change the position, or adjust the proportion of your ears. If your ears affect how you feel about your appearance or your level of self esteem then you may want to consider otoplasty. Why is Ear Surgery Performed? There are a number of reasons why ear surgery may be performed. If you were born with a structural ...
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Otoplasty: Ear Reshaping for Adults and Children

“Bat ears” is a common deformity of the ears, and is usually a hereditary problem that is passed on through generations. This type of deformity usually has two features. The first way in which the ears may appear deformed is when they protrude away from the face, thus appearing overly large, instead of being held closer to the face for a framed physique. The other way in which ears may appear deformed is when the natural curl found on the outermost part of the ear is reduced or not present. ...
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