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The Role of Liposuction in Breast Lifts Australia

Liposuction in Breast Lifts Australia

Are you thinking of having a breast lift and want to know what options are available? If so, read this article for insight into what is possible. A Breast Lift with Liposuction When your specialist plastic surgeon believes you will benefit, they will recommend having liposuction at the same time as a breast lift (mastopexy). This removes the excess fat from the upper armpit area and from the sides of your breasts. Doing liposuction at the same time as breast lift surgery Sydney gives your breasts better definition and reduces ...
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Behind the Success of Breast Surgeries: Meet Sydney’s Top Plastic Surgeon

Top Plastic Surgeon

Breast surgery is common in Australia. So you are not alone if you have breast surgery on your mind. It can improve sagging breasts when you get older, and after changes in weight and pregnancy. You may also want breast surgery to reduce or increase the size of your breasts, or for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. Finding the best breast surgery specialist in Sydney can be challenging. The most important thing is to find an experienced specialist plastic surgeon who can give you the right advice and perform surgery ...
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Customised Breast Implants: The Next Frontier in Augmentation

Breast Implants

There may soon be another option for women who do not want standard silicone breast implants after a mastectomy. The use of groundbreaking technology to create custom breast implants is becoming a reality. After years of research, trials of 3D printed breast implants are showing promise as an alternative to silicone or saline implants in breast reconstruction surgery. This exciting future is on the horizon and women could have the choice of 3D breast implants that allow the growing of natural tissue over time. What are 3D Breast Implants? A ...
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The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Breast Surgery Planning

breast surgery planning

With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) used more and more in different areas, is it also useful in personalised breast procedure planning? The short answer is yes but there is a need for much more research into the subject. Ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will Change the Future of Breast Surgery AI and ML are the latest buzzwords in breast surgery research, with a number of successful trials. ML refers to using large datasets to create algorithms that imitate the way the brain thinks. While AI and ...
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What are the Options for Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy or Injury?

Breast Reconstruction

Surgery to remove a breast or both breasts to prevent or treat breast cancer, or after an injury can leave you feeling sad, anxious and you may even develop low self-esteem. If you find yourself in this situation, you can choose to have reconstructive breast surgery. There are different breast augmentation choices in Sydney so it is important to talk to a specialist plastic surgeon. Breast Reconstruction Options After consulting a specialist plastic surgeon, you may have the choice between having breast implants or of using autologous tissue from another part ...
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Specialised Breast Surgery for Older Women: Breast Augmentation for Older Patients

Breast Augmentation

More and more older women are opting for breast implants where, previously, it was something that was more common for women under 40. Age is only a number and there is nothing stopping older women choosing to have this surgery as long as they are in good health. In fact, a breast augmentation for older women makes sense because they have the financial stability and time to recover. How old a woman is does not limit them from wanting to have a mature breast enhancement after noticing significant changes to ...
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8 Tips for a Safe and Quick Breast Reduction Recovery

Breast Reduction Recovery

Large breasts cause some women physical and emotional issues. A breast reduction can impact your life in a positive way, especially if your breasts cause pain, embarrassment or make it difficult to lead an active life. If you are thinking of having breast reduction surgery, the following are eight tips for a safe breast reduction recovery. Healing Process after Breast Reduction Surgery The healing process after a breast reduction can take several months. How you look after yourself during the recovery process is important to getting the best results. 1. Carefully ...
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What to Consider When Deciding on Breast Reduction in Sydney

Breast Reduction

Overly large breasts can cause physical and emotional distress, so you may be considering  breast reduction surgery. Also called reduction mammoplasty, your surgeon removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin to make the size of your breasts better suit the size of your body. Women with large breasts may suffer with chronic back, shoulder and neck pain, and irritated skin under the breasts. This can make it difficult to lead an active life. You may also be self-conscious about your breast size which can affect your self-esteem. Understanding Breast Reduction ...
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Nipple and Areola Makeover: Cosmetic Enhancement Options

Nipple and Areola Makeover Sydney

If you are concerned with how your nipples or areolas look, this can cause you stress and other issues. This is understandable. They are central features of your breasts whether you are a female or male. Luckily, there are surgical procedures that can help you achieve the results you want. Whether it is to correct inverted nipples, reduce the size of your nipples or areolas, a specialist plastic surgeon can let you know the best options and whether you are a good candidate for enhancement. Who are Good Candidates for ...
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Breast Augmentation Choices: Which Implant is Right for You?

Finding your perfect implant for breast augmentation surgery

When thinking about breast augmentation it is important to make good choices. You may feel anxious and excited at the same time because you do not know which implant is right for you. This is understandable and that is why consulting a specialist plastic surgeon is your first wise choice. Consult a AHPRA Qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon It is legal in Australia for any doctor with a basic medical degree to do cosmetic surgery. Doctors calling themselves cosmetic surgeons do not do extra training. This is why the importance of ...
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