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Breast Surgery

For over 20 years, and with the experience of tens of thousands of breast surgeries, our Specialist Plastic Surgeons perform the full range of Cosmetic Breast Surgeries in Sydney

Breast Surgery

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  • Breast Reduction -Breast Implant Surgery -Pure AestheticsBreast Reduction 2 -Breast Implant Surgery -Pure Aesthetics
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  • Breast Implant Revision -Breast Lift And Implants Sydney -Pure AestheticsBreast Implant Revision 2 -Breast Lift And Implants Sydney -Pure Aesthetics
  • Breast Assymmetry and Developmental Issues -Breast Implant Sydney -Pure AestheticsBreast Assymmetry and Developmental Issues 2 -Breast Implant Sydney -Pure Aesthetics
  • Nipple Correction -Breast Lift And Implants Sydney -Pure AestheticsNipple Correction 2 -Breast Lift And Implants Sydney -Pure Aesthetics
  • Female to Male Chest Surgery -Breast Implant Surgery -Pure AestheticsFemale to Male Chest Surgery 2 -Breast Implant Surgery -Pure Aesthetics
  • Male to Female Chest Surgery -Breast Lift And Implants Sydney -Pure AestheticsMale to Female Chest Surgery 2 -Breast Lift And Implants Sydney -Pure Aesthetics
  • Breast Reconstrcution -Breast Implant Sydney -Pure AestheticsBreast Reconstrcution 2 -Breast Implant Sydney -Pure Aesthetics

Beautiful breasts are often considered a hallmark of femininity, yet are probably the most variable body part. Just like the women who have them, breasts come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. This natural diversity is coupled with continuously evolving beauty standards and trends.

Year after year, breast procedures are among the most requested cosmetic operations worldwide. Most women want proportionally sized breasts that are the right size for their bodies, to fill out clothing and complement their overall figure.

Breast surgery can range from a multitude of options. These include:

  • Breast enlargement where breast implants are used to enhance the size and shape of breasts.
  • Breast reduction, designed to reduce the size of heavy, large and droopy breasts. Breast reductions can be extremely effective in reducing back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Breast lift to restore both the shape and position of breasts that may have dropped following pregnancy or weight loss. Breast lift (“mastopexy” is often combined with breast enlargement with breast implants, known as “augmentation mastopexy”.
  • Breast asymmetry surgery to correct differences between the size or shape of your breasts, or enhance both.
  • Breast reconstruction to restore the shape and appearance of one or both breasts following mastectomy or other breast cancer surgery.

At Pure Aesthetics, our Specialist Plastic Surgeons are experts in the full range of breast surgery both cosmetic and reconstructive. Our surgeons and staff are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience and the highest standard of results utilising the most advanced techniques in the field.

Please see our procedure-specific pages for more information about our Sydney breast surgery procedures, including what to expect, before and after photos, and frequently asked questions. We encourage you to review these more detailed pages to learn more about your various options. Of course, we welcome you to contact us at any time with questions or to schedule a consultation with one of our specialist plastic surgeons. Please note, all surgical procedures have risks and potential complications, which will be explained in detail at your consultations.

Our most popular breast procedures include:

Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement or breast augmentation, enhances the size and shape of breasts with breast implants. This highly customised procedure involves many considerations, including the size and shape of a person’s breasts and chest, type, size and shape of the implants, their placement (in front of the pectoral muscle, behind the muscle or partially behind the muscle) and the location of the incision. Your surgeon will help you make these decisions by assessing your body shape, lifestyle and aesthetic goals.

You may be a candidate for breast augmentation in Sydney if:

  • You desire fuller, more shapely breasts
  • Your breasts are naturally small or underdeveloped
  • You experienced volume loss due to pregnancy, weight loss or ageing
  • You desire improved breast symmetry and body proportions
  • You feel uncomfortable in certain clothing styles

When performed by a qualified specialist plastic surgeon, breast enlargement is a safe procedure with long-lasting results and a high patient satisfaction rate, however all surgical procedures have risks and potential complications, which will be explained in detail at your consultations.

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty) reduces the size and weight of your breasts and creates a more proportionate, size and shape. In addition to addressing cosmetic concerns, breast reduction can alleviate pain in the neck, back and shoulders, eliminate skin irritation under the breasts, and reduce the mental and emotional burden of having an overly large bust.

You may be a candidate for breast reduction in Sydney if:

  • Your breasts are disproportionately large for your body frame
  • You experience physical discomfort due to the size and weight of your breasts
  • You struggle to find clothing, bras and swimsuits that fit
  • You have difficulty breathing, exercising or participating in activities
  • You feel self-conscious about the unwanted attention your breasts receive

With potential improvements in a woman’s appearance, mental and emotional health, activity levels, clothing choices and social life, breast reduction is one of the most rewarding breast surgery procedures we perform.

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Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) improves the projection, position and shape of your breasts and elevates downward-pointing nipples. This is primarily achieved by removing excess skin and relocating the nipple and areola to a higher position on the chest. For some patients, this procedure also includes “internal rearrangement” of the breast tissue to create a more youthful shape and feel.

You may be a candidate for a breast lift in Sydney if:

  • Your breasts are drooping due to ageing, childbearing or weight loss
  • Your breasts have an “empty” or “deflated” appearance
  • Your nipples are positioned at or below the breast fold, or point downward
  • Your areolas are excessively large or “stretched”
  • Clothing no longer fits comfortably

A breast lift restores a perkier, firmer and more shapely breast shape. For some women, this procedure is combined with a breast augmentation to achieve optimal results.

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Breast Lift With Implants

Breast lift and breast augmentation are frequently combined in a procedure called augmentation mastopexy. This approach is an ideal choice for women who are concerned with both insufficient volume and breast sagging (ptosis). The combined benefits of using breast implants to enhance shape and volume and mastopexy techniques to tighten the skin and lift the breasts can produce a more youthful appearance.

You may be a candidate for a breast lift with implants if:

  • You have lost breast volume AND your breast skin is loose or stretched
  • A breast augmentation alone cannot give you the lift required to raise the nipple position adequately
  • You want to improve the shape and firmness of soft breasts
  • You want to increase breast volume, enhance breast shape and correct nipple position in one procedure

Our specialist plastic surgeons have a variety of tools at their disposal to personalise this procedure, creating an overall better proportioned and natural-looking breast contour.

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Breast Implant Revision

Most breast augmentation patients receive beautiful results and are happy with their outcome for many years. However, complications can occur with even the most successful operation, and some women change their mind about how they wish to look. Furthermore, breast implants do not last forever, and at some stage, usually after 15 to 20 years after original placement, will need to be replaced or removed. Breast implant revision is for patients who have previously had breast augmentation and now need or desire a secondary surgery.

You may be a candidate for breast implant revision in Sydney if:

  • You are unhappy with the results of a prior breast surgery
  • Your aesthetic tastes or lifestyle have changed and your current implants no longer suit
  • Your implants have developed complications such as rippling, malposition, hardening or rupture
  • You are experiencing systemic problems caused by the implant material
  • You wish to remove your implants altogether (explantation)

Breast implant revision is generally more complicated than the initial augmentation. For this reason, it best performed by an experienced specialist plastic surgeon who will create an individualised surgical plan that maximises both your aesthetic outcome and your health.

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Breast Asymmetry & Developmental Issues

Like any body part that comes in pairs, most women’s breasts do not look exactly the same as each other. However, when the discrepancy is significant, it can make wearing clothing difficult, contribute to a lack of confidence, discomfort during intimacy and other forms of distress. Surgery to address breast asymmetry can help restore balance in the form, position or volume of your breasts.

You may be a candidate for breast asymmetry surgery in Sydney if:

  • You have a “tuberous” or “constricted” breast shape, or other breast asymmetry condition
  • Your breasts are unbalanced following pregnancy and/or breastfeeding
  • Breast cancer surgery affected the shape and symmetry of your breasts
  • A prior cosmetic breast surgery led to an imbalance
  • Scoliosis or other curvature of the spine affects the symmetry of your breasts

The procedure for correcting breast asymmetry can take different forms. A breast lift may be suitable when volume is similar but positioning is imbalanced. For size differences, the options include augmenting the smaller breast, a reduction on the larger breast, or breast enlargement using two different sized implants.

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Nipple Correction

Nipple correction refers to a category of procedures focused on improving the shape, projection and position of the nipple and areola. These procedures are applicable to both men and women. For inverted nipple correction, Medicare and health insurance rebates may be available. Contact your provider to determine your benefits.

You may be a candidate for nipple correction in Sydney if:

  • You have elongated or excessively large nipples
  • You have inverted nipples
  • Your areola is naturally large or has stretched over time
  • Your nipples are asymmetry
  • Your nipples are drooping or positioned low

Many patients decide to include nipple correction with another cosmetic breast procedure, such as a breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction. This helps them attain the specific outcome they desire.

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Female to Male Chest Surgery

This form of top surgery for transgender men and nonbinary individuals is used to remove breast or chest tissue (subcutaneous mastectomy). The procedure may also involve contouring to emphasise the pectoral muscles, decreasing areola size and/or repositioning the nipples to create a natural-looking, flat chest. Top surgery may be one step in a larger process of gender affirmation.

You may be a candidate for FTM top surgery in Sydney if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are 18 years of age or older, although younger ages may be considered
  • You have persistent, well-documented gender dysphoria
  • You have a letter of referral from a AHPRA-qualified mental health professional
  • You have the capacity to make a fully informed decision and consent to treatment

Masculinising hormone therapy is not a prerequisite for this procedure. However, if you are starting testosterone, our surgeons recommend waiting at least six months for physical changes to stabilise.

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Male to Female Chest Surgery

This form of top surgery for transgender women and nonbinary people is a surgical procedure to enhance the shape and size of the breasts and create a more feminine physique. While hormone therapy is an option to help stimulate breast growth, the resulting breast size may not be satisfactory, and hormone therapy is not the right choice for everyone.

You may be a candidate for MTF top surgery in Sydney if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You have persistent, well-documented gender dysphoria
  • You have a letter of referral from a qualified mental health professional
  • You are able to make a fully informed decision and consent to surgery

This procedure is similar to other breast augmentations. However, differences in chest size and configuration are considered to create the most positive outcome. Often, large breast implants with fuller projection produce the best result for transgender women.

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Breast Reconstruction

Women who have had surgery to treat breast cancer may choose to undergo breast reconstruction. In general, the two main categories of breast reconstruction are implant reconstruction and flap (tissue) reconstruction. Sometimes these techniques are used together. Procedures can also be done to recreate the nipple-areolar area.

You may be a candidate for breast reduction in Sydney if:

  • You want to replace the weight of a missing or reduced breast
  • You desire a different appearance in clothing
  • You wish to move on from the daily use of a prosthesis
  • You desire a more balanced appearance

Breast reconstruction performed at the time of the mastectomy is known as “immediate” breast reconstruction. Some women choose to postpone surgery to focus on restoring their health. A “delayed” breast reconstruction can take place months or even years after mastectomy.

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