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Ways to Reduce the Signs of Facial Ageing

What can I do to Erase or Minimize Signs of Aging in my Face? Signs of aging in your face can be a big problem as you get older. A Sydney cosmetic surgeon can help you evaluate the cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery techniques which can erase or minimize these signs so that you regain a more youthful and attractive appearance. Some possible treatments can include: Face Lift, Brow Lift, and Eye Lift These are plastic surgery techniques which help to lift any sagging skin and other tissues, giving your ...
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Soft Tissue Fillers: What They Are and How They Work

Soft tissue fillers, also called dermal fillers, are one of the top requests that cosmetic surgeons see according to Sydney Plastic Surgeon, Dr Steve Merten. Cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery is on the rise as more people want to look younger or change certain parts of their appearance. Soft tissue fillers are not invasive the way that traditional plastic surgery is or as expensive, and there is little or no recovery time needed. Most patients do not experience any serious side effects or complications with dermal fillers and they can ...
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How Does Scar Revision Work?

Scars that result from injury differ substantially from surgical scars. During a surgical procedure, our plastic surgeons take special care to place incisions in locations that can be easily hidden and use techniques that can minimise post-operative scarring. However, deep skin injuries typically result in torn or crushed skin that can make a scar appear very prominent. At Pure Aesthetics, we use a number of methods that can significantly reduce the appearance of a scar. These scar revision treatments might entail removing the original scar and mending the wound or making ...
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Holiday Skin Care Specials

Receive 30% off skin care packages this holiday season! Anti-aging Pack Holiday Special: $269 Savings of $115 V.12 Serum Crème Luxe Eye Contour Cream Retail Price $384 Hydration Pack Holiday Special: $196 Savings of $84 Rehydrate Serum Pure Oxygen Lotion La Defense SPF 30+ Retail Price $280 Oil Control Holiday Special: $233 Savings of $100 Serum Control Au Vin Serum Micro Gel Lotion Retail Price: $333 Individual Dermal Therapy Services Holiday Special: 30% off Microdermabrasion Hydradermabrasion Peels Dermal Needling Retail Price: varies...
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Summer Faces Are Made in Spring

Great skin that is young, fresh, and gorgeous does not happen overnight, and if you want to have your best summer face ready for the season you need to start in the spring. You want to start summer with skin that is clear, glowing, and vibrant. Skin that is dull, lifeless, wrinkled, rough, or patchy can cause you to spend this summer indoors and out of the social spotlight. Planning ahead and taking steps in the spring to achieve healthy and fabulous looking skin will help you get a summer ...
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