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Pure Aesthetics Doctors Among Top Breast Surgeons in the Sydney CBD

You’ve been contemplating your procedure for a while now, but who do you choose to do it? Finding a skilled, reliable and trustworthy plastic surgeon whose visions align with your own can be difficult, yet necessary. At Pure Aesthetics, our aim is to create the most natural-looking results by working closely with each patient and getting to know their wants and needs. We don’t see you as another number, we see you as an individual who is different to every single patient we have had through our doors. Time is ...
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Top Plastics and Cosmetic Procedures in Sydney and Macquarie

cosmetic procedures in sydney

As one of the founders of Macquarie University’s Department of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, Pure Aesthetics surgeon Dr Merten provides a wealth of state-of- the-art plastic and cosmetic procedures to patients spanning Sydney City and works directly with Macquarie Hospital. Dr Merten and our team of world class surgeons are at the height of plastics providing everything from face, body, and breasts to post-pregnancy and gynecomastia surgery. Our patients come to us with specific needs for their ever-changing bodies and we provide them with top notch surgeries and non-invasive topical ...
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Are There Any Risks Involved with Cosmetic Surgery?

Every type of cosmetic surgery carries some risks according to Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Steve Merten, but these can be very small or very large in each individual case. Even minor cosmetic procedures which are minimally invasive like muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers can be risky because the injection site may become infected or the end results may not always be what you expected. The risks involved are far less if you only consider highly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons. Trying to save a few bucks by choosing a ...
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8 Questions You Should Always Ask to Find the Top Plastic Surgeons

1. Does the Plastic Surgeon Have Experience With Your Cosmetic Procedures? According to Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Steve Merten one of the most important factors with any plastic surgery is the experience of the medical professional. You should look for a specialist who performs the cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery techniques that you are looking for on a regular basis. 2. What is the Standard Charge for the Desired Plastic Surgery? Each plastic surgeon will set their own rates for cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery options, and this rate can ...
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Do I Need Breast Reduction Surgery?


During your initial visit with the Dr Merten you will have a complete physical exam, and a full medical history will be taken. Plastic Surgeon in Sydney, Dr Steve Merten advises that any potential breast reduction patient should be aware of the possible risks and complications that could occur when this type of plastic surgery procedure, even though these are usually rare and only occur in a small percentage of patients. Who Can Benefit From Breast Reduction Surgery? Breast reduction surgery can offer a number of benefits for certain individuals. ...
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Tips for Recovery After Cosmetic Surgery

There are a wide variety of different types of cosmetic surgeries available to individuals. These procedures, whether rhinoplasty, Breast Enlargement or a facelift, are done on a day-to-day basis. Research and precision in the medical field has made cosmetic procedures safe as well as practical; and while Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Merten only uses the safest and most natural approaches to cosmetic surgery, it is still important to keeps these tips in mind for recovery after cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic procedures begin with a thorough consultation and evaluation where Dr Merten ...
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Rhinoplasty: The How and the Why of “Nose Jobs”

By Dr Steve Merten, Sydney Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist When it comes to facial structure and the overall appearance of the face, the nose plays a big part (sometimes too big!); and for those suffering from a nose that is deformed, too large or too small, confidence may be compromised. In an attempt to reclaim a more symmetrical and overall appealing face, one may consider undergoing nose reshaping; this cosmetic nose surgery is called a “rhinoplasty”, also often known as a “nose job”. What is Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is ...
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Change Your Appearance: Facial Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

You can change your facial appearance tremendously or slightly by the use of facial cosmetic surgery procedures. While the reasons for considering facial cosmetic procedures will vary from person to person, one should know that there are a variety of options available when it comes to surgeries involving the face. Whether you are looking to reshape certain attributes on your face, reduce the signs of aging or completely enhance your physical appearance altogether, trusted Sydney Plastic Surgeon, Dr Merten of Pure Aesthetics is proud to offer his state of the art ...
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What is the difference between a Plastic Surgeon and a “Cosmetic” Surgeon?

Many patients do not know that in Australia, any doctor may perform surgery without being trained in surgery and not holding specialist recognition as a surgeon. This means someone not trained in Plastic Surgery could be performing your surgery.  You need to ask specifically if your “surgeon” is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (“F.R.A.C.S”). This is the only legally recognised accreditation for Australian surgeons. Other groups, such as the “Australian College of Cosmetic Surgeons” try to appear as though they are a valid specialist group. They ...
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