As one of the founders of Macquarie University’s Department of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, Pure Aesthetics surgeon Dr Merten provides a wealth of state-of- the-art plastic and cosmetic procedures to patients spanning Sydney City and works directly with Macquarie Hospital. Dr Merten and our team of world class surgeons are at the height of plastics providing everything from face, body, and breasts to post-pregnancy and gynecomastia surgery. Our patients come to us with specific needs for their ever-changing bodies and we provide them with top notch surgeries and non-invasive topical treatments to stop the clock for a bit.

Our Vision for Cosmetic Surgery

During your search for plastic surgeons and their supporting team of medical professionals, you want to make sure that their vision for surgery aligns with yours. At Pure Aesthetics, we saw a need for artistic plastic surgery procedures that are filled with the vision for the most natural results for each patients. Working closely with Macquarie Hospital in North Ryde, Sydney, Dr Merten sees patients each day that have requests for particular procedures with potential to change their lives.

We work closely with each patient to assess their individual concerns from a personal point of view and apply our skills with added suggestions that can bring them joy for years to come. Here it’s all about our patients; our consultations aren’t your typical patient-physician meetings, but we pair surgical and cosmetic procedures with your lifestyle and your desired look. Live well and look fantastic in the purest sense.

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Offerings and Pure Aesthetics

We know that every one of our patients has something about their look that they want to improve. As we age, our bodies change shape and the skin around our faces begins to sag or wrinkle, and it’s important that you find the proper surgical solution that can maintain your flawless look. Our patients want to show off their best features and so do we.


The face is usually the main concern for many of our patients because skin and muscles here work overtime. Our skin is exposed to the sun and we overwork our muscles to show off our facial expressions. It happens to us all, but we offer comfortable and effective surgical and nonsurgical techniques to dial back the side effects of all these things.

For those of our patients that are finding fine lines and wrinkles creeping into their skin, we have a variety of cosmetic injections that will offer contouring and volume to the face while reducing the appearance of the ageing signs. We take care to make sure facial surgical procedures such as facelift, brow lift and eyelid lift tend to the skin gently to keep your secret safe and not allowing your face to look overdone.


We understand that age and childbirth can change the way you look over the years but there’s no reason to worry. If your breasts are not at the height or position they used to be and lack fullness to them, our Breast Enlargement and lift procedures can completely turn things around. Women all over Sydney choose Pure Aesthetics because we offer every possible option to keep your breasts looking and feeling natural throughout. We also offer followup care that works with you to make sure you’re satisfied throughout the recovery process and long after. Come in and try on a pair of our implant options, you’ll understand what the buzz is all about.


Men and women benefit from these body contouring, liposuction and lift procedures. We offer men a breast tissue reduction that can drastically increase your confidence levels, so you feel like a young man again. Don’t let hormones and life stress dictate how your body should look, but take action and shape your body to how you feel inside. Let it shine!

Call Pure Aesthetics today on 02 9199 7448 and one of our helpful administration team will happily answer any general enquiries you have and book you in for a comprehensive consultation with one of our specialist plastics and cosmetic practitioners. Don’t forget to take a stroll in the lovely stunning Botanical Gardens near our Sydney CBD location.