By Dr Steve Merten, Sydney Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist

When it comes to facial structure and the overall appearance of the face, the nose plays a big part (sometimes too big!); and for those suffering from a nose that is deformed, too large or too small, confidence may be compromised. In an attempt to reclaim a more symmetrical and overall appealing face, one may consider undergoing nose reshaping; this cosmetic nose surgery is called a “rhinoplasty”, also often known as a “nose job”.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is cosmetic nose surgery done to correct deformities of the nose, change the shape of the nose for overall appearance enhancement, and to relieve nasal issues that may cause difficulty in breathing. In the initial steps for undergoing rhinoplasty you will meet with Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Merten, where a thorough examination of your nose is conducted. You will be shown rhinoplasty before and after photos of Dr Merten’s patients. Photographs will be taken of your nose and photo morphing will be done, so at your second visit you will be able to see the actual end product of your nose plastic surgery. This way you won’t go into the surgery completely unaware and will have some expectation of what the end result will be. The rhinoplasty cost will be explained to you at your consultation.

About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an excellent option for a number of reasons. Those suffering from a nose that simply doesn’t contour to the face may consider rhinoplasty to achieve a symmetrical face that is beautiful and appealing. Others may find that nose surgery is essential after an injury to the nose where they were left with deformities- for example, a football player who got pelted with a ball to the nose may find they were left with a huge bump on their nose, resulting in the overall option to undergo rhinoplasty. A nose job is tailored to address your specific concerns, whether it is a bump on the back of the nose, or a poorly shaped tip of nose.

Rhinoplasty in Sydney

Whatever your reason may be for choosing rhinoplasty, as a rhinoplasty specialist, Dr Merten will be able to take care of you. This qualified Sydney Plastic Surgeon has performed many nose surgeries with superior results. The rhinoplasty operation takes between one to three hours and you will be able to go home the same day of the surgery. You will start to see the early result once minimal swelling and bruising has subsided, usually within a couple of days, and the rhinoplasty healing time is only a few short weeks. The full rhinoplasty recovery time takes months, as the last swelling passes.

The best rhinoplasty is one that matches the remainder of your facial features and is natural in appearance.

Don’t spend another day walking around with a nose you aren’t proud of. If you’re serious about undergoing rhinoplasty in Sydney, contact Dr Merten to schedule a consultation.

If you want to discuss rhinoplasty or a “nose job”, or any other cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, please call us at Pure Aesthetics on 9252 9262, or contact us for an appointment to see our Sydney Plastic Surgeon, Dr Steve Merten.