There are a wide variety of different types of cosmetic surgeries available to individuals. These procedures, whether rhinoplasty, Breast Enlargement or a facelift, are done on a day-to-day basis. Research and precision in the medical field has made cosmetic procedures safe as well as practical; and while Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Merten only uses the safest and most natural approaches to cosmetic surgery, it is still important to keeps these tips in mind for recovery after cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic procedures begin with a thorough consultation and evaluation Dr Merten Casual Photo where Dr Merten will decide what procedures need to take place, and what steps need to be taken for the best results. After this initial meeting, you will set up the time and date for the actual cosmetic procedure. After the procedure is completed, Dr Merten will discuss with you the particular instructions for care specific to the procedure you underwent. If he says you shouldn’t do something, then don’t do it. It is important to rest and avoid strenuous activities and exercise for the first few weeks, depending on what cosmetic surgery you had. Walking is usually fine and is encouraged. Eating well, resting and not smoking is important for your recovery. Dr Merten rarely restricts normal washing and showering, unless you are specifically advised about this.

When you go home after your procedure you will usually be given prescription medications and instructions on their use. Please follow these instructions.

Following the plastic surgeon’s instructions is simply an essential tip for recovery after cosmetic surgery.

Another important tip for recovery after cosmetic surgery is to keep and attend your scheduled visit. For the most part, you will schedule an office visit with Dr Merten soon after the surgery, to ensure everything is healing well. Even if you think and feel that your procedure went fine and there are no issues pertaining to your surgery, it is vital that you keep and attend your postoperative appointments. While a majority of surgeries will have no problems, Dr Merten will be able to address any problems that may have occurred during the recovery stages.

By following these basic tips for recovery after cosmetic surgery, you can ensure you get the best results possible with the smoothest recovery. This means less time worrying and more time enjoying your new and improved appearance.

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