Great skin that is young, fresh, and gorgeous does not happen overnight, and if you want to have your best summer face ready for the season you need to start in the spring. You want to start summer with skin that is clear, glowing, and vibrant. Skin that is dull, lifeless, wrinkled, rough, or patchy can cause you to spend this summer indoors and out of the social spotlight. Planning ahead and taking steps in the spring to achieve healthy and fabulous looking skin will help you get a summer face that everyone will envy.

Important Considerations With Skin Treatments

A number of skin treatments and cosmetic procedures may require some time for your skin to completely heal and fully recover before you look your best and are ready to greet the summer. Some skin treatments and cosmetic procedures can cause new skin to be exposed and this can initially cause redness, irritation, and other visible skin issues but when the healing process is complete you will usually have younger looking skin that is smoother and more attractive. When you start in spring your summer face will be ready when you are.

Skin Treatments for Fresh Summer Skin

Some of the skin treatments that can help your skin become summer ready include:

  • Microdermabrasion – This skin treatment removes the top skin layers that have been exposed to the environment or which have become damaged or dull over time. This allows the new and fresh skin tissue underneath to surface. This treatment can help with age damage and visible skin imperfections. This method is often combined with multivitamin infusions.
  • Chemical Peels – A wide variety of chemical peels are available to remove dead and damaged skin, allowing fresh skin cells and tissues to come to the surface and eliminating many visible flaws like age spots and rough patches. AHA peels like lactic acid and malic acid peels are available, and there are also options like pumpkin peels which may be safe even during pregnancy at lower strengths.
  • Hydradermabrasion – This skin treatment method uses water combined with active skin serums to resurface the skin and remove the top layers so the skin is rejuvenated and looks fresh. Pressurized water combined with oxygen is used to exfoliate your skin and then serum is applied to nourish and replenish the skin tissues and promote healthier new skin.
  • Multivitamin Infusions -These products are serums which are highly concentrated and extremely rich in nutrients that your skin needs and thrives on. Sound wave technology is used o help the serum penetrate deeper into the skin so that the essential nutrients are available on a larger scale.
  • Dermal Needling– This skin treatment helps rejuvenate your skin and promotes better collagen and elastin production in the skin cells. Microscopic injuries are made in the skin being treated, and this promotes the healing process and causes the skin tissues to produce more elastin and collagen in the new cells that are created.
  • Cosmetic Injections– Injectable products can also help you get your summer face, smoothing out lines and wrinkles in your face or even preventing the formation of these aging signs in the first place. Dermal fillers can fill in and help contour problems like fine lines and wrinkles that have already developed. Other injectables can paralyse muscles that frequently contract, because these contractions can cause static wrinkles to develop. The injection stops the muscle contraction and keeps the skin smoother in the treatment area.

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