pureaesthetics_refreshforsummerDid you know that not all cosmetic procedures are based around surgery? It is possible to refresh your appearance and deal with wrinkles, blemishes and the natural loss of volume around the face using non-surgical procedures such as soft-tissue fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. These procedures are popular with both men and women.

Soft-tissue fillers

Also referred to as dermal fillers, soft-tissue fillers help to fill out or enhance contours in a way that will improve your appearance. They ‘plump up’ thin lips, remove fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by replacing the volume that has been naturally lost through the aging process.

Mostly used on the lower half of the face, such as around the cheeks and lips, an improvement can be seen same day, and continue to improve so the optimal effects can be noticed two to four weeks post-treatment. This is important to remember if you are planning to have treatment prior to a special event.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Just as their name says, anti-wrinkle injections slow the most obvious signs of aging. Wrinkles are minimised as the injections relax the muscles under the skin, reducing the movement that creates the wrinkles.

This procedure is very effective on the upper half of the face, particularly around the forehead and eye areas. You will generally start to notice an improvement within three to five days, with optimal result generally two weeks after your procedure.

If you are considering a non-surgical procedure a combination of the procedures may be recommended for you. All procedures can be done in rooms, generally on the same day as your consultation.

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