shutterstock_515248180-copyWith Christmas on the way, now is the time get your glow on in time for the festivities. Whether you want to rejuvenate your skin or plump up your pout, the staff at Pure Aesthetics has the non-surgical treatments you need to look your best from Christmas to New Year’s Eve. With quick results and no downtime involved, you can look your best without missing a minute of the fun. Check out these enhancements you can enjoy throughout Christmas and the rest of the summer season.

Get a Lift

Is it the Christmas bustle or simple aging that is making you look perpetually weary? Either way, you might benefit from a non-surgical brow lift that restores the brow line to a more youthful position, opens up the eyes and smooths away wrinkles. This procedure is performed with a combination of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to produce dramatic results with little discomfort and no recovery time.

A non-surgical brow lift takes just a few minutes to complete, and you can return to regular activities right away. Results last for a number of months before a touch-up procedure is needed, so now is the perfect time to schedule your holiday lift.

Plump Your Pout

Lip augmentation is another relatively quick and easy procedure that can have a profound impact on your appearance overall. Dermal filler injections are used to add fullness and volume that Mother Nature never blessed you with or that has diminished over time. Numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. The total time in our office is about 45 minutes, and your results should be apparent right away.

If a gummy smile is your primary concern, we also offer anti-wrinkle injections, strategically placed around the upper lip. The formulation causes the upper lip to drop slightly, eliminating the dreaded gummy smile for your Christmas selfies.

The Eyes Have It

If your eyes are your windows to the world, you certainly want them to look best for Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations to come. Eye enhancement is easier today than ever before, thanks to injectable dermal fillers that restore volume underneath the eyes to wake up your appearance and smooth away those fine lines that commonly appear underneath and in the outer corners of the eyes.

Dermal fillers are even effective at minimising the appearance of dark circles under the eyes that are frequently a by-product of thinning skin. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers provide much needed volume while hydrating the area at the same time for a look that is distinctly more youthful and refreshed.

Go from Dull to Hydrated

Don’t let dry summer skin get in the way of your Christmas festivities this year. Give your skin a burst of hydration with a hydradermabrasion treatment. This pampering procedure gently exfoliates the skin, removing outermost skin layers so your softer, smoother skin underneath can shine through. At the same time, a hydradermabrasion procedure infuses the underlying skin structure with much needed hydration, using non-invasive water and serum infusion.

Most patients will see excellent results after a single hydradermabrasion treatment. We can recommend professional-grade products to use at home that will enhance and extend the results of your procedure.

Getting ready for Christmas isn’t just about the bustle of shopping, baking and decorating. Make sure to carve out some time for yourself with a pampering, non-surgical treatment designed just for you. To learn more, contact Pure Aesthetics today on 02 9199 7448.