A massive weight loss can help you lower your body weight by a substantial amount, but Excess skin after weight lossthere can be substantial other problems with the way you look once the weight loss is complete. This may be especially true if you lost weight quickly, because the rapid or very large volume changes in weight can leave you with excess skin that droops and other problems, according to Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Steve Merten.

In many cases, cosmetic plastic surgery may help improve your appearance after massive weight loss, by removing excess skin, eliminating areas of stubborn fat, and tightening things up. Every case is different, and the results are not the same for every person, but modern plastic surgery methods and cosmetic procedures available may have a big impact on how you look and feel.

Excess Skin Removal After Weight Loss

Massive weight loss may result in skin and other excess tissue that droops, hangs, or is unsightly and embarrassing. Your plastic surgeon may be able to remove this excess skin and extra tissues left over from your previous size, getting rid of a pouch or excess skin that hangs from your chest, trunk, arms, thighs or other areas.

Often a series of staged procedures may be required to address all the areas of concern. It is commonest to start with the abdomen and lower back, by undergoing a “body lift”, which circumferentially removes the loose skin right around the lower abdomen and back. At a next stage or stages, the chest or breasts, arms and thighs are then addressed.

What Other Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures May Help?

If you have lost a lot of weight then a face lift, tummy tuck or body lift, arm and thigh reductions can tighten up the tissues and skin, giving you a more attractive and youthful appearance in many cases. Breast reduction, lift or augmentation may help reverse hanging or droopy breasts, and shapelier breasts may give the rest of your body a slimmer and more appealing appearance. Sometimes stubborn areas of body fat will not go away no matter how much weight you lose, and liposuction may get rid of these deposits for you.

If you have concerns with the way that you look after massive weight loss and you are considering plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, then a consultation with a specialist plastic surgeon is the first step. Research information on plastic surgery after massive weight loss, and make sure you are aware of the extent of the surgery and risks. An experienced professional in this field can examine all of the factors involved in your case, discuss your options with you, and then help you decide which plastic surgery techniques will work best in your individual case.

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