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Massive weight loss is a huge accomplishment for men and women around the world. However, after all the extra weight is lost and a new lifestyle has begun, excess skin is left in its place. At Pure Aesthetics, we want to congratulate every one of you out there that have shed sweat, tears and time to get healthy and live well. Your healthy heart is worth it, we promise!

The extra skin is unpleasant and isn’t much of a reward for the amount of work you’ve put into the new you. As fat cells shrink and the fat is metabolised with increased activity and a healthy diet, skin stays the same from the years of stretching to accommodate the extra weight. So to get rid of that extra skin, it’s important we understand the steps we need to take before opting for surgical removal. Surgery after massive weight loss can help to remove the excess skin causing discomfort and reduced confidence. We know you want to show off your new look as you should.

What is Considered Massive Weight Loss?

First things first, when we think of weight loss as just a few kilograms to maintain our ideal weight, this is simply maintenance of our current shape and size. To understand what we mean by massive weight loss, we mean fifty plus kilograms of fat or more lost for health purposes. There are many people out there that are overweight for their height and build. Healthy weight measurements are put in place to keep you active and extent your life expectancy. A few kilograms here and there is normal but fifty or more kilograms is a lot of weight to work off. But you can do it!

Your Ideal Body Weight

We recommend that to live well and support a healthy cardiovascular system that your weight is maintained at the proper level to support your body. During a consultation for weight loss surgery, your physician will let you know how many kilograms are needed to be lost before surgery can take place. Based on your BMI (Body Mass Index) the physician will help you create a pre-operative plan to get to your ideal weight beforehand; they may recommend seeing a nutritionist to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Once you have lost over fifty kilograms to be considered massive weight loss and reached your health body weight, you and your plastic surgeon can discuss your vision for the surgery and body results. The skin hanging from the body at your ideal weight is measured and markings will be made on the body so that you can see what will need to be done to remove any excess and reshape what you currently have. Again, surgery is the only way to get rid of excess skin left over from a large amount of fat loss since the skin has stretched to allow for expansion. We can correct that with skin excision at Pure Aesthetics once you’ve reached your ideal weight.

How Long Does Surgery Take and Can I Go Back to Work Right After?

This recovery time will depend on the amount of skin needing to be removed and where body lift procedures are required to do this. Should you have multiple areas that require this surgery, five to seven days of recovery in the hospital afterward is expected. Often body lifts and liposuction to contour the body are needed and these require sutures and monitoring. Activity should be limited but walking is necessary after the procedure to ensure the healthy circulation throughout the tissues for the healing purposes. So, you cannot go directly back to work; but a week or so off is required. Your plastic surgeon will let you know how long it will take based on your personal surgery plan.

Another thing to remember is that beauty is different for everyone. At Pure Aesthetics, we want to embrace the unique person you are in all shapes and forms, however, no matter what your size there are healthy living precautions to help you live without fear of diabetes and heart disease. Major weight loss surgery is a way to help you remove the excess skin that gets in the way after you’ve worked so hard to get rid of the fat cells that made it stretch in the first place.

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