mom-child-beachMotherhood can be one of the most rewarding jobs, but there’s no doubt pregnancy can cause physical changes that aren’t as desirable. For those wishing to restore their pre-baby bodies, our team is proud to offer the post pregnancy reconstruction procedure, which combines different surgeries to address the specific concerns of each individual. Although we strive to help you achieve your cosmetic goals, safety is our number one priority. Prior to your procedure, you will need to undergo a few medical tests to ensure you are eligible for the post pregnancy reconstruction.

Dr Steve Merten can determine which medical tests should be performed preoperatively based on a physical exam as well as a review of your medical history. This evaluation could indicate your candidacy for the procedure, identifying if you are at a higher risk for complications, whether the surgery should be postponed, or if an alternative should be considered.

In general, patients can expect the following to be performed prior to their procedure:

  • Mammograms for patients ages 40 and older
  • ECG for patients over the age of 50
  • Possible blood work

Depending on your medical history, you may need to undergo further testing, but this will be recommended on an individual basis. Please note: Dr Merten will not perform the post pregnancy reconstruction if you are a current smoker, as this can affect your ability to heal properly.

While the post pregnancy reconstruction procedure can provide beautiful results, Dr Merten’s priority is to perform a safe surgery with a predictable outcome. A more personalised look at what you can expect throughout the process will be discussed with your during your consultation.