post pregnancy reconstruction

Pregnancy is a time your body goes through many changes. You may develop stretch marks, be left with excess skin in the abdominal area and an accumulation of fat on different parts of your body. It is also not unusual to notice changes to your breasts during and after pregnancy.

It is possible you may find yourself wanting a mummy makeover which is now called post pregnancy surgery to address different areas of your body.

Mummy Makeover has a Name Change

What was commonly known as a mummy makeover is now referred to as  “post pregnancy reconstruction”. So why the change to “post pregnancy reconstruction”?

In July 2023, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) brought in new regulations that disallows the use of colloquial terms for procedures. “Mummy makeover” was one of those terms.

At Pure Aesthetics, we comply with AHPRA’s regulations so will not be using mummy makeover Sydney when referring to post pregnancy reconstruction surgery in public forums or when advertising.

As specialist plastic surgeons, we want to present our practice professionally and be transparent, inclusive and accurate in describing the services we offer. The colloquial use of this name became popular because women wanted different procedures after giving birth to their children. However, the term has some negative connotations that could suggest that the physical effects of pregnancy and giving birth are unpleasant or socially unacceptable.

We support AHPRA in this change of terminology. No one should feel that they need to change how they look when their body naturally changes to meet preconceived ideas of beauty. No matter the shape or size of the human body, everyone looks good.

It is important that all our patients fully understand the procedures they choose to undergo and that we empower them to make the right choice for them personally. After all, the surgery is reconstructive so we will be referring to a mummy makeover as post pregnancy reconstruction, which is what it really is. Women often want to restore their bodies to how they were before having children.

Nothing else about the surgical procedures change, only the name.

What is a “Mummy Makeover” now known as Post Pregnancy Reconstruction Surgery?

Post pregnancy reconstruction surgery is a series of surgical procedures that aim to restore your body to how it was before having children. You can have one or more procedure to contour and tighten the areas most affected by your pregnancy.

These procedures are ideal after you finish having children and are close to your ideal weight but are having trouble dealing with the after-effects of your pregnancies. Post pregnancy reconstruction simply refers to a package of surgical procedures to deal with the problem areas you may still struggle with returning to your pre pregnancy days. It is the combination of abdominal and breast surgery that helps your body return to its original state. These operations are not performed exclusively for post-pregnancy problems and is not just for mothers; for example, you may have lost a lot of weight and have areas you want to restore.

While exercise and diet plays a crucial role in getting your body back into shape, it cannot tighten loose skin or increase its elasticity, lift sagging breasts or get rid of stretch marks. This is where your specialist plastic surgeon can help.

A combination of liposuction, an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast augmentation and body contouring makes up the package of post pregnancy reconstruction procedures. You can have one or choose several procedures in consultation with your specialist plastic surgeon. It all depends on what you want to achieve.


Throughout your childbearing years, it is not surprising your stomach has a lot of stretching. Many women find their stomach returns to its natural shape afterwards but there may be excess skin. During an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) your surgeon removes the excess skin so it returns your stomach returns its original shape. Keep in mind that this procedure is not a weight loss solution. The result will be a better defined abdomen and waist.

Your specialist plastic surgeon will help you choose which of these procedures will give you the results your desire.


No matter how much you diet or exercise, you may not be able to shift the last of that stubborn fat. This is where liposuction can help, but you should be close to your ideal weight before the procedure.

Liposuction is not an alternative for weight loss. It removes the stubborn excess fat below the skin on different parts of your body.

Breast Augmentation, Reductions and Lifts

When you finish breastfeeding your children it is likely your breasts will sag more than they did before having children. You may also have loose skin in the area that you want removed. Breast augmentation is a good solution for tightening the skin, lifting your breasts so they no longer sag and giving them a natural shape. If you want them to be fuller, your surgeon may recommend implants. Women with larger or droopy breasts causing discomfort may benefit from breast reductions or breast lift surgery.

For more information about post pregnancy reconstructive surgery, contact Pure Aesthetics today to book an initial consultation to find out what procedures are right for you.