shutterstock_98105513Scars that result from injury differ substantially from surgical scars. During a surgical procedure, our plastic surgeons take special care to place incisions in locations that can be easily hidden and use techniques that can minimise post-operative scarring. However, deep skin injuries typically result in torn or crushed skin that can make a scar appear very prominent.

At Pure Aesthetics, we use a number of methods that can significantly reduce the appearance of a scar. These scar revision treatments might entail removing the original scar and mending the wound or making the scar less visible by altering the scar’s direction. In some cases, a skin graft can be used to cover a scar. For patients with only mild scarring, topical medications or corticosteroid injections can often dramatically diminish the scar’s coloring and thickness. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will recommend which scar revision treatment can best meet your unique needs and expectations.

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