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As we get into our 30s and beyond there are significant changes we notice in our skin, especially in the face and around the eyes. The eyes are one of the most important points of facial expression signalling and can highly influence the way those emotions look to others when they’re hooded with excess skin and bags underneath the eyes. At Pure Aesthetics, we recommend a particular surgical procedure that focuses on the eyes to help reduce the amount of drooping in the upper eyelids or puffy lower eyelids.

Aesthetic Benefits to Blepharoplasty

Our blepharoplasty procedure reduces sagging skin around the eyes so patients look younger and wrinkles in other areas of the face are softened to improve facial expressions. Blepharoplasty can restore the face for those who are relatively youthful-looking everywhere else but simply need an eye refresher. You would be amazed by the change this blepharoplasty procedure makes to the appearance of your face from sad, angry and tired to rested and content. Most people notice they’re more approachable in public with restored upper and lower lids.

Increased Immunity

In addition to the aesthetic benefits this procedure has on the skin around the eyes, there is a list of medical issues that can come from this drooping and sagging. The eyes are moistened naturally by blinking every couple of seconds however, when that coverage goes missing due to excess skin, certain areas may not remoisten when the eye closes, causing dry eyes. We can reduce dry eye syndrome that causes redness and irritation.

You’ve undoubtedly heard your mother say not to touch your eyes before you’ve washed, right? That’s because any debris or bacteria is absorbed easily in the eye since it has a thin membrane; the eyelids are meant to be a first-responder for protection. For many people who have drooping lids on the lower side, infections are a common occurrence. Additionally, a sagging upper eyelid is a vision concern and is recognised in some as a medical problem. During your consultation for blepharoplasty, one of our highly experienced surgeons at Pure Aesthetics will go over all these concerns with you to create a treatment plan that takes care of those issues so you can feel healthier and look better.

How is this surgery performed?

Our blepharoplasty procedure is a surgical procedure performed either in a day surgery or overnight hospital, and most often done under twilight anaesthesia or general anaesthesia, to maximise your comfort and safety. The two eyelid procedures are on the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid; if these are performed together, we often start with the top lid. Your surgeon will draw guidelines on the upper and lower lids where he will cut into the skin, which you will have previously spoken about in your consultation.

The upper eyelid is cut into on and slightly above the fold of the eye to get through to the upper fatty tissues that have grown into the spaces left from volume loss and ageing. The doctor will cut through to remove this fat and tighten the muscle. Extra skin is removed and the lid is closed with sutures in a revitalised, tighter position that no longer droops and obstructs your vision.

Lower eyelids are cut at the base of the lower lash line so no scarring will be too visible and again, the fatty tissues and abundant skin are excised and all closed by dissolvable stitches.

In five days, sutures are removed and complete healing is over in about two to six weeks weeks. Our surgeons check in with each of their patients to make sure the recovery is going smoothly.

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