Ear Beautiful Image“Bat ears” is a common deformity of the ears, and is usually a hereditary problem that is passed on through generations. This type of deformity usually has two features. The first way in which the ears may appear deformed is when they protrude away from the face, thus appearing overly large, instead of being held closer to the face for a framed physique. The other way in which ears may appear deformed is when the natural curl found on the outermost part of the ear is reduced or not present. While these two deformities may occur by themselves, most individuals have both types of features. If you have concerns with poor ear size, shape or lack of curls, otoplasty may help.

Otoplasty (“ear pinning surgery”) refers to the cosmetic plastic surgery in which prominent ears are corrected and re-shaped to frame the face. Sydney Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Dr Steve Merten provides this type of cosmetic procedure and pursues state of the art methods that allow for a natural look as possible. The aim is to avoid a result that looks “operated on” and avoids sharp folds and creases, and instead has natural soft curves. The scars from otoplasty are hidden behind the ears.

This type of surgery is often undertaken during childhood, from about 7 years old. Parents of children with protruding ears oftentimes suffer from the same deformity as well, and have either undergone this procedure themselves as children or adults and want the same for their child. Otoplasty is a commonly undertaken and safe procedure, usually done as day surgery under general anaesthetic. There is usually very little pain from otoplasty and you or your child will be back doing normal activities after a few weeks.

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