By Sydney Plastic Surgeon, Dr Steve Merten

The eyes are the most important feature of the face. As this is one of the first things individuals look at in other human beings, it is important to have bright eyes that are inviting and friendly. If you are suffering from excess skin, fat and muscle around the eye area that is presenting your eyes as droopy and tired, you may want to consider the cosmetic surgery procedure known as “blepharoplasty”, “eyelid lift” or “eyelid reduction”

Blepharoplasty is a fairly common cosmetic surgery procedure on men and women who are suffering from eyelids that are showing signs of ageing. When the eyelids droop and sag from age or are misshapen due to an injury or inheritance, it can cause a physical appearance that individuals are extremely unhappy with. Whether your eyelids are unsatisfactory due to age, injury, or inheritance, Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Merten can definitely help. His state of the art procedures will ensure your eyelids are improved, giving natural and beautiful appearance that you can be proud of.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is either done as day surgery or with an overnight hospital stay, particularly if combined with other face cosmetic surgery, such as face lift, brow lift or rhinoplasty. The recovery process is not terribly long so you can spend less time worrying about recovery and more time enjoying your new appearance that is welcoming and beautiful. While scarring is inevitable with any surgery, including blepharoplasty, the scars from eyelid surgery are usually very subtle and Dr Merten strives to ensure the scars are as minimal as possible.

An eyelid lift can completely reshape your eye area for a natural look with bright and welcoming eyes that are very alluring. If your suffering from eyelids that are drooping, sagging, or simply aren’t what you want them to be, a consultation with Dr Merten is your first step. He will discuss your options with you on how to make your eyes stand out from the crowd.

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