If you have undergone extensive surgery or have had an accident in which injury occurred, you may have been left with an unsightly scar.

While scars can vary from person to person in terms of size, appearance and significance, there are a variety of options to help reduce the appearance of scars. Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Steve Merten offers his patients state of the art plastic surgery procedures that may significantly improve the appearance of scars of all sorts of shapes, size or body location. Dr Merten’s procedures use the highest quality techniques for the best end result possible, meaning better and more visually appealing scars whenever possible.

There are several different methods that Dr Merten may undertake to try to improve the appearance of your scar, and these procedures will vary depending on the cause, location, shape and size of your scar. The start of the process will begin with a consultation, in which Dr Merten will evaluate your scar and decide whether non-surgical treatments can help, such as specialised dressings or corticosteroid injections, or whether more complex plastic surgery procedures will give you the best result.

Methods of improving the appearance of scars will depend on the severity, location, cause and size of your scar. Large scars in which the skin has protruded significantly and the appearance is very obvious may require surgical procedures, known as “scar revision surgery”. These plastic surgical procedures usually only require a single day in hospital. However, scars that are less significant  that still impose problems related to appearance may be successfully treated without requiring scar revision surgery, and instead may be treated with  topical treatments, dressings or injections in Dr Merten’s office. Specialised creams or ointments can often reduce the appearance of scars, as well as reduce itchiness of the scar. For thicker and itchy (“hypertrophic” scars), corticosteroid injections are also commonly used. These injections are also usually simply done in Dr Merten’s office, and often significantly reduce the thickness and redness and improve the overall look of the scar.

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