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Can I Eliminate Signs of Aging Without Plastic Surgery?


I am getting older, and I am starting to notice signs of aging. Do I need to use traditional plastic surgery methods like a facelift, or can I eliminate these signs of aging in another way instead? Cosmetic procedures and a number of newer products on the market may be able to help you look fresher without the invasive techniques or risks that are involved with plastic surgery procedures. According to Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Steve Merten there are a number of ways that you can improve your appearance without ...
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What Cosmetic Procedures and Plastic Surgery Options are Available for Men?

Cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery are no longer just for women, today many men also take advantage of these options in order to look and feel better as well. According to Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Steve Merten cosmetic surgeries on men has increased dramatically in the last decade, and today many men consider plastic surgery or minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to boost self esteem and look better at any age. Today men are far less hesitant about consulting a plastic surgeon. If you are a man who has concerns with ...
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I Am Starting To Notice Wrinkles And Other Signs Of Aging. What Can I Do?

As you age you may start to notice wrinkles, lines, thinner skin tissues, and a loss of moisture and elasticity in your face and other areas of your body. In the past traditional plastic surgery was the only option available but today there are many cosmetic procedures that can also eliminate these signs of aging without using highly invasive techniques or requiring long recovery times. Anti-Wrinkle Injections, dermal fillers, laser techniques, and other treatments can help you turn back the hands of time, and take years off of your appearance ...
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How Long Does It Take To Recover From Cosmetic Procedures?

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Recovering from cosmetic procedures can be a matter of hours or it could take weeks or even months. The specific types of plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments that are done will play a role in the recovery period needed according to Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Steve Merten. Invasive techniques that create considerable tissue damage, such as Rhinoplasty, will take much longer to recover from than non invasive techniques, such as dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections will. Cosmetic Procedures Versus Traditional Plastic Surgery What are cosmetic procedures, and how do they differ ...
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Are You a Good Candidate For Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery are on the rise according to Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Steve Merten, but are you a good candidate for these types of treatment? Many people want to look and feel better about themselves, and cosmetic plastic surgery can help achieve this in a large number of cases. There are some who may not be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery procedures though, and it is important to determine this before you go under the knife or schedule an appointment at a cosmetic surgery clinic. The ...
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What You Should Know About Muscle Relaxant Injections

Muscle Relaxant Injections also known as anti-wrinkle injections, are products that are used for many cosmetic procedures, but what is it and how does it work? What do you need to know about this product before you have this type of cosmetic procedure? Is it dangerous? Anti Wrinkle Injections for Cosmetic Procedures Cosmetic procedures that utilize muscle relaxant injections have become very popular over the last few decades, and this product can be used in cosmetic procedures that are minimally invasive. The product is injected at carefully chosen sites in ...
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Will Dermal Fillers Make Me Look Younger?

Dermal Fillers

What are dermal fillers and can they help me look younger? Dermal fillers are products that are used in order to fill in certain areas that may be showing visible lines or wrinkles. These products have a variety of enhancement uses such as lip fillers, smoothing contours of the nose and enhancing cheekbones. According to Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Steve Merten dermal fillers are one of the most common, non-surgical cosmetic procedures requested, combined frequently with anti-wrinkle injections. Dermal fillers have come a long way since their inception over 20 ...
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Control Excessive Sweating using Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Widely affected, many people do not know that Anti-Wrinkle Injections can be used as a therapeutic option to reduce excessive sweating, working by temporarily blocking the nerves that stimulate glands to produce and secrete sweat. Anti-wrinkle injections have been used for medical purposes for a long time, with hyperhidrosis having been approved as an indication by the TGA. More and more therapeutic uses of anti-wrinkle injections are being researched, tested and approved including eyelid spasm and headaches treatments. Many are familiar with the use ...
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Are My Plastic Surgery Expectations Realistic?

Having realistic expectations about plastic surgery is very important, and this is true no matter what cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery methods you are having done, from anti-wrinkle injections to a Tummy Tuck. A cosmetic plastic surgeon cannot make your marriage good again, prevent divorce, or make you look like a top model when you are in your 70s. Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Steve Merten counsels his patients on what they should realistically expect after any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery before and after photos can help you ...
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6 Common Anti-Wrinkle Injection FAQs!

1. What are Anti-Wrinkle Injections? Anti-Wrinkle injections are a simple, quick and safe method used to reduce facial muscle activity, resulting in a visible reduction of lines on the face, particularly around the eyes and forehead. They can visibly smooth 2. Who Can Benefit From Anti-Wrinkle Injections? Anti-Wrinkle Injections can be used as for cosmetic purposes as well as treating certain medical conditions, with more and more therapeutic indications for anti-wrinkle injections being discovered. A very common therapeutic use is Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Tiny injections are placed under the ...
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