Recovering from cosmetic procedures can be a matter of hours or it could take weeks or even months. The specific types of plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments that are done will play a role in the recovery period needed according to Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Steve Cosmetic Plastic SurgeryMerten.

Invasive techniques that create considerable tissue damage, such as Rhinoplasty, will take much longer to recover from than non invasive techniques, such as dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections will.

Cosmetic Procedures Versus Traditional Plastic Surgery

What are cosmetic procedures, and how do they differ from traditional cosmetic surgery? Cosmetic procedures are typically performed in the office of the plastic surgeon or in a special clinic, and they do not require more than a local anesthetic. Injections, laser treatments, and other cosmetic procedures are usually considered non invasive. When you leave the office you can normally go about your normal routine with few, if any modifications.

Plastic surgery is normally performed in an operating room or in a plastic surgery clinic. These are typically invasive procedures that require either twilight or general anesthesia, and the post operative recovery time may be weeks or months before the healing is complete.

Complications can Lengthen the Recovery Time

Any cosmetic treatment, whether it is an in office procedure or extensive plastic surgery, can have possible complications. If there are any complications then this can cause the recovery time to be longer than normal. Infections, scarring, and other problems do occur in a small percentage of patients.

Your plastic surgeon should discuss all of the possible complications and risks with you when you have the initial consultation. Even cosmetic procedures can have serious complications in rare cases, and you should be aware of these before you decide to undergo the procedure.

Your Diet and Lifestyle Also Impact Plastic Surgery Recovery

Recovering from plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures will also depend on you. If you do not have a nutritious diet that is conducive to healing then this could slow down your recovery. Your lifestyle is also an important factor. If you drink alcohol or use tobacco products this will slow down the healing process and interfere with your optimal recovery.

Getting enough sleep is vital to good health, and this is important after any type of plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments. Drink plenty of fluids and this will also help you recover faster and more effectively.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Skill and Experience

A big factor to consider when having cosmetic surgery is the skill and experience of the cosmetic surgeon. Make sure that your plastic surgeon is well qualified to handle the type of procedure that you want done. Ask how many of these cosmetic procedures or plastic surgeries the specialist handles each year, and whether they have any additional education or training in this area. This will help you prevent complications or problems, so that you get the best possible results.

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