whitepeoplebelikeAt Pure Aesthetics, I perform several different types of facelift procedures, depending on the needs of the individual patient and other relevant factors. Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that we perform to provide a lift to the face include dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. Facelift plastic surgery also offers a number of options for our patients. I use the most advanced facelift techniques available, and this involves lifting and tightening the underlying fat and muscle tissues as well as the skin. This method results in a more natural look that lasts longer.

Based on the patient’s individual needs, I may perform one or more of the following facelift techniques:

  • A deep plane facelift is more dramatic, but this is usually required for extensive signs of aging.
  • A mid plane lift involves the middle portion of the face without lifting and tightening the neck area.
  • An eyebrow lift lifts and tightens the area around the eyebrow without affecting the rest of the face.
  • An eyelid lift eliminates any bags and excessive tissue around the lower eye area and the eyelids.

The most beneficial option for each patient is determined during the consultation process, which is when I educate them on each procedure’s potential and any possible risks associated with each.

Steve Merten, FRACS

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