pureaestheticsneckliftYou can use all the anti-aging creams, potions and injections for your face to mask the signs of aging but neglecting your aging neck is a dead giveaway of your true age. The aging process is unkind to say the least and as you may be discovering; everything ages. It is not just crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes that give your age away – age hits in all the wrong places with all the wrong skin associated words – sagging, wrinkly, and loose. To truly freshen up your appearance a neck lift with the team at Pure Aesthetics, can reduce the signs of premature aging and give a more youthful appearance.

Who gets a neck lift and why?

Not just a surgery for women, males make up a large percentage of neck lift surgery recipients. Despite what many would think, men care about their appearance too, and don’t enjoy wearing a buttoned up shirt and tie only to have their neck drape over the collar or not be able to do up the top button at all.

Being overweight is not the only cause for a neck lift. It is not just a double chin, loose skin, a turkey neck waddle and stretching skin that are the indicators and the most visible signs of aging on the neck. In worst case scenarios where the platysma muscle (the muscle that drapes from the chest up over the collarbone to the sides of the neck ) starts to stretch and over time visible muscle bands similar to stretch marks appear on the skin’s surface and may begin to bulge. The muscle bands become loose and start to sag around the jaw line.

What can you learn from all of this? Your neck is very visible, difficult to disguise (unless you wear scarves and skivvies year round) and is a true indicator of the aging process.

What is a neck lift?

Often combined with a facelift (to maximise revitalising results and minimise recovery time), a neck lift surgical procedure tightens the skin and targets the biological changes around the neck to combat unwanted signs of aging in this very noticeable area of your body. It is designed to remove the lines and sagging skin from your neckline.

What happens during neck lift surgery?

After your consultations with your Pure Aesthetics surgeon, you will be advised whether you are a suitable candidate for a day surgery under local anaesthesia or for a full anaesthesia requiring an overnight hospital stay.

During your consultations, you will also be advised if you are required to wear a special compression garment on your neck to begin compressing the neck muscles for at least one week before surgery. While not an overly comfortable garment this preparation can aid in a more successful neck lift procedure.

The surgery involves small incisions being created. One under the chin and one either in front or behind one or both ears. Through these small incisions, the surgeons can reach the neck muscles to tighten them and also use liposuction to remove fatty tissue deposits that contribute to the sagging.

Any extraneous skin will also be removed with incisions and skin removal done to minimise noticeable scarring.

The goal of the combination of liposuction and muscle tightening is to tighten your neck to achieve the most realistic appearance for this highly visible area of the body. The experience of the Pure Aesthetics surgeons will ensure that your neck area is over tightened which creates a drastic, unwanted and unnatural look.

Surgery will take between 2 – 3 hours.

Won’t the scarring be more noticeable than my double chin?

In the experienced hands of your Pure Aesthetics surgeon the scarring from a neck lift should be minimal. Incisions are made as small as possible and are located in areas that are generally hidden by the hairline, (under your chin and behind your ears). So yes, you will have scarring nut they will fade within a few weeks and by taking care of the healing process they will become fainter gradually over time.

So the scars are not so bad: what is the recovery from a neck lift actually like?

Let’s be clear it is a surgical procedure that requires a recovery time of five to ten days before you can resume activities of daily life. You will experience some swelling and bruising after your neck lift, but, at your second pre-operative consultation your surgeon will have devised a recovery treatment plan specific to your recovery needs.

Any pain and discomfort following neck lift surgery can be controlled with pain medication for a short time. You can expect to feel a common feeling of tightness on the neck area lasts a few days, which is completely normal and to be expected following a neck lift.

Is a neck lift risky?

As with any surgical procedure, a neck lift carries a level of risk. Specific risks for neck lift include fluid collection and bleeding. The experienced Pure Aesthetics surgeons factor these risks when planning your post- surgery recovery treatment regime at your second pre-operative consultation.

Will my neck lift make my turkey waddle disappear for life?

The specialist neck lift surgeons at Pure Aesthetics only facilitate neck surgery that produces naturally more youthful permanent results. Their surgical technique is applied so that revision surgery will not be required to maintain your rejuvenated appearance.

While Ally McBeal fans from the early 90’s may recall one man’s infatuation with waddles, he was not the norm. Waddles, turkey necks, double chins significantly age you and cannot be easily concealed. This can lead you to be very self-conscious about the clothes you wear and make you feel disappointed in your overall appearance.

So stop pinching at your neck skin in the mirror to tighten it and stop imagining your reflection minus that sagging skin. Book a consultation at Pure Aesthetics where their specialist doctors deliver the standard of excellence you should expect from experienced neck lift plastic surgeons in Sydney.

A more rejuvenated, youthful appearance can be achieved with a neck lift. To learn more about neck lift surgery, visit Pure Aesthetics in Sydney, complete a contact form or call us on 02 9252 9262.