shutterstock_60870067Can a brow lift help with tired eyes? Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Steve Merten explains that there are a number of cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery techniques that may be able to make your eyes appear younger and more refreshed. A consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon can help you decide on the right cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery techniques for your circumstances and situation, ensuring the best results.

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, also commonly called a forehead lift, is one of the types of surgery offered by many plastic surgery clinics. The skin on the forehead and under the eyebrows is lifted and tightened, and this can give the eye area a more awake and alert appearance. A brow lift may also eliminate any sagging skin, wrinkles, and creases in and above your brow area. In many patients this change can give a younger looking appearance. A surgical brow lift can provide longer lasting results than some of the non-surgical cosmetic procedures

Brow Lift Versus Eyelid Surgery

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures usually only provide temporary results, but both a brow lift and eyelid lift help open your eye area with longer lasting results and are usually combined for total eye rejuvenation. Both of these cosmetic procedures have benefits and risks, and a qualified plastic surgeon can help you decide which operation will give you the best results.

Which Plastic Surgeon Should I Use?

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is not difficult when you know what to look for and which questions to ask. Whether you are considering a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or less expensive cosmetic procedures start by assessing the qualifications of the professional who will do the work as well as their years of experience. Recommendations from people who have used the professional previously is also useful in deciding who to go with.

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

The charge for a brow lift will depend on what surgery is recommended for you, and the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon performing your surgery. As a general guide, prices start from $6,000 with a fully qualified plastic surgeon.

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