If you have noticed that your face is starting to show signs of aging then you may have thought about a shutterstock_131469785facelift. Will this type of cosmetic surgery make you look young again though, or will it leave you with a face that appears stiff and overstretched? Today the plastic surgery techniques used for a facelift can give you a natural youthful appearance in many cases, but since each person is different you should consult with an experienced plastic surgeon before making a final decision.

A facelift is considered extensive plastic surgery, and viewing “before and after” plastic surgery photos can help you see the results of plastic surgeon. According to Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Steve Merten the skill of the plastic surgeon will play a major role in the outcome of the procedure, so it is important to choose a specialist plastic surgeon who has extensive training in cosmetic plastic surgery. You should be prepared for the recovery time required for a facelift, and you need to remember that this procedure is invasive and involves risks.

What Happens During a Facelift?

A facelift can be the most effective way to eliminate wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of facial aging, but it is also the most extreme and extensive type of plastic surgery for these symptoms. During the facelift procedure the surgeon will lift the skin off the deeper facial tissues, and then tighten the underlying muscles and other tissues. The plastic surgeon will then reposition the skin, and eliminating any areas that sag or wrinkle. The skin is then stitched in place after any excess tissue is excised and removed. Interested in watching a video animation on what happens in FaceLift Surgery?

Facelift surgery is often combined with other facial rejuvenation surgery, such as brow lift or eyelid reduction to give an overall more uniform and youthful result.

Does This Plastic Surgery Require an Extended Recovery Period?

You should expect to spend a few weeks or even longer recovering from a facelift, and this plastic surgery can result in bruising and severe swelling that may be very noticeable in the first days and weeks after the procedure. Pain and discomfort are usually minimal, and they can be managed with medications and self help measures such as ice packs and warm compresses. For many people a facelift can take years away from their facial appearance, but this type of plastic surgery is not right for everyone and only a well trained plastic surgeon can help you decide if this cosmetic surgery is right for you.

What You Should Expect After A Facelift

In the first few weeks after a facelift your skin may seem tight and stiff. You may have stitches that dissolve on their own, if not any stitches will usually be removed within 10 days of the plastic surgery. You may be surprised by how much younger you look, but the results will vary and can depend on a number of things including the skill of the plastic surgeon and your age.

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