39867124When I see a new patient who wants facial rejuvenation in order to look younger, there are a number of factors that I will examine and go over with the patient. The extent and severity of the signs of aging that the patient displays will help determine the best methods and techniques. I discuss all of the possible treatments and explain what the patient can expect from each. In many cases cosmetic procedures including dermal fillers, muscle relaxant injections, and skin treatments can give excellent results. Other times, a facelift is recommended because this plastic surgery procedure can provide the most dramatic results for some patients. I show patients before and after plastic surgery photos and explain the possible risks involved with each cosmetic procedure.

My goal is to help the patient decide whether a facelift is the best choice or if less invasive cosmetic procedures may work instead. Dermal fillers can help soften or even eliminate wrinkles and lines, and muscle relaxant injections can paralyse muscles that contribute to signs of aging. Each individual case is different: some of my patients may have severe, visible signs while other patients who are the same age are just starting to develop fine lines in common facial areas. Ultimately, if the skin sags a considerable amount, then a facelift can provide the most significant results, removing additional skin and tightening the entire facial area.

Steve Merten, FRACS

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