150_PAE_WebVideo_Still005Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Steve Merten has launched a series of videos using short animations to inform and educate patients. 

September 23, 2013, Sydney Australia – Dr Steve Merten from Pure Aesthetics, one of the most established cosmetic plastic surgery practices in Sydney, Australia, is now leading the way in the usage of animated videos to educate his cosmetic plastic surgery patients.  These videos carefully explain procedures while showcasing visuals that reveal the surgical methods.  Today, the company announced that these animations are available to the public.

Pure Aesthetics began releasing the videos via YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook and their website https://pureaesthetics.com.au in July 2013.  Those who are considering cosmetic plastic surgery can learn about the process and watch the animations by visiting the videos currently available at http://www.youtube.com/pureaestheticsau.

Plastic surgeon Dr Merten personally conceptualized and scripted the animations in order to help his patients.  Dr Merten commented, “I’ve found that it greatly helps my patients to “see” how a procedure is performed, without having to watch actual real-life surgery.  It can be quite difficult for patients to clearly understand what occurs during surgery.  I’ve found many of the videos that are currently available are geared more for the medical community than they are for patients.  This is why Pure Aesthetics wanted to launch a series that addressed a patient’s thought process, questions and concerns.”

Through Pure Aesthetics’ videos, those interested in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures can see the work both on the interior and exterior of the body.  Text carefully explains the process including information on what makes an ideal patient.  Surgery explained in the videos that have currently been released include Breast Enlargement, breast implant revision, short scar breast reduction, blepharoplasty (or eyelid lift), rhinoplasty nose surgery and tummy tuck surgery. Soon to be released are more videos, including facelift and combination breast enlargement and lift.

Dr Steve Merten, FRACS, is a recognised leader in the field of reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.  Not only does he frequently lecture at plastic surgery conferences around the world, he also acts as Clinical Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney.  He is a member of various professional organizations, including the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, The Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Australian Medical Association.

About Pure Aesthetics

With one location in the heart of Sydney and one at Macquarie University, Pure Aesthetics is one of the most well established Cosmetic Plastic Surgery practices in Sydney.  Pure Aesthetics’ boutique practices are designed to be private, reassuring and relaxing while offering a team of experienced professionals.  More information is available at https://pureaesthetics.com.au.