Maybe you are considering having a tummy tuck (an abdominoplasty) and wonder how long it lasts. It is life changing for a lot of women, so what is it?

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure performed as a single procedure or as a part of body contouring. After losing a lot of weight or pregnancy, the results of the stress on the muscles can cause rectus diastasis. This is the separation of the long muscles in your abdomen which leaves excess sagging skin that lacks elasticity. Even with exercise, the muscle gap may persist, causing “bulging” of the abdomen, with possible, weakness of your core, back pain and bladder weakness.

A tummy tuck makes you stomach firmer and flatter and can improve back pain and bladder weakness. Your surgeon removes excess fat and skin and tightens the muscles. After the swelling subsides and you heal, you need to work to maintain the results. Understanding the post-tummy tuck phase is important. It takes ongoing commitment to a healthy lifestyle to ensure the longevity of the results. Here are some tips to help you preserve your tummy tuck for years to come;

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Overall, adopt a healthy lifestyle. This includes a combination of sleeping well, reducing any stress, reducing your skin’s exposure to the sun, good skincare, eating well and regular exercise.

How you live life is your choice. The choices you make daily impacts your wellbeing and the results of your abdominoplasty.

Eat a Healthy Diet

With so many dietary recommendations on the market, eating a healthy diet really means minimising the consumption of foods laden with unhealthy fats and sugars. Avoid junk food, too much alcohol and overly processed food.

What you eat definitely matters. To maintain a flat stomach after a tummy tuck, eat healthy, nutritious foods. Nuts, fruits, whole grains, lean meat, seeds, vegetables and legumes will help you heal and preserve the results. Not only does it keep you healthy, it helps you to sustain a steady weight.

Do not Skip Meals

Eat smaller portions throughout the day rather than skipping meals. This will keep your metabolism working well while reducing hunger and gives you the energy you need to function and heal daily. It also helps prevent overeating.

Keep your Weight Stable

The impact of weight fluctuations on tummy tuck results can be negative if you are not careful. To have a tummy tuck, you would need to be in good health and be close to your ideal weight. A tummy tuck is not a weight loss tool. Its goal is to improve the contour, shape and muscle tone.

Too much weight fluctuation can stretch your muscles and skin and can be the fastest way to undo the good results of your tummy tuck.

Hydration and Skin Care

Staying hydrated is important after surgery. It helps your skin’s elasticity and promotes good skin care. It also helps to minimise any scarring so you get good results from abdominoplasty surgery.

Good hydration also helps your digestion, controls hunger and helps to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Regularly Exercise

Regular exercise is the key to maintaining your new shape. After the first two to four weeks of rest start doing low impact exercise such as walking regularly. Depending on how quickly you heal, you can start higher intensity exercise six to 12 weeks after the procedure. Make sure your surgeon gives you clearance before doing anything too strenuous.

To maintain your tummy tuck, it is vital to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. Develop a routine that targets your whole body to keep off any excess weight. If your main goal is to avoid putting on any weight and improve your muscle tone, cardio along with resistance and weight training is a good way to achieve your goals.


You can still get pregnant after a tummy tuck. There will not be any complications related to having had an abdominoplasty. Your skin can still stretch to accommodate a growing baby and you are likely to put on weight. Pregnancy will probably have a negative impact on your tummy tuck and you may want to have the procedure again. The best tine to have a tummy tuck is  to wait until you have your last child.

Consultations and Follow-ups

Recovery from a tummy tuck is different for everyone, so it is important to follow the post-operative instructions for the best results. It will also help to minimise the likelihood of complications while you heal.

Make sure you organise someone to drive you home after the procedure and have someone available to help you at home for the first few weeks. Your stomach muscles will feel tight and it may be difficult to walk fully upright but it is important to start moving around as soon as possible. This will gradually improve as you heal.

Get enough sleep and take any prescribed medications. Also attend any consultations and follow-ups.

Caring for Surgical Scars

How you care for your scars as you heal will make a difference to the scars left behind. To minimise scarring avoid any heavy lifting, including lifting the kids, and try to restrict any sudden movement so you do not tear the incisions. Only wash yourself after getting clearance. Also wear any compression garments according to your specialist plastic surgeon’s instructions. Check your incision daily for signs of infection and contact your doctor if there is excessive swelling, pain or redness.

If you are out in the sun, make sure the surgical area has protection from sun exposure.

Do not Smoke

It is wise to quit smoking for several months before and after having a tummy tuck. Smoking can negatively affect how you heal and the results of the procedure. It also inhibits blood circulation throughout the body. When you quit smoking, it benefits your overall health and contributes to a good surgical outcome.

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