With the increasing popularity of “post pregnancy reconstructions”, it is no surprise that many women feel increasing pressure to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies rather quickly after delivery.

Post Pregnancy

Although there are a variety of options available after pregnancy to quicken the process that diet and exercise can sometimes accomplish, there is also a wide array of factors to consider prior to going under the knife.

The most common mistake that new mothers make is to rush too quickly into making a decision about getting cosmetic plastic surgery. After delivering a baby, a woman’s body undergoes a variety of hormonal changes and can often self-correct any glaring problems that a woman might think are wrong. Thus, rushing into cosmetic plastic surgery can not only cost money for a problem that might vanish on its own, but will also cost a new mother precious time with her newborn baby.

In many cases, however, problem areas unfortunately don’t vanish by themselves. This is where cosmetic plastic surgery procedures provide an appealing option for those mothers who simply want to feel better about their post-pregnancy bodies. Breast enhancement and tummy tucks are among the most common procedures chosen by new mothers. But how long should a woman wait before getting any of these procedures done?

The short answer is that there is no perfect timeframe to wait before undergoing corrective surgery. Typically, it is good to wait at least six to twelve months prior to seriously considering any procedures. This is mostly because during these first six months, a woman will most likely be breastfeeding, exercising and dieting to get back to her pre-pregnancy body. This allows any errors to naturally correct themselves while also gives a woman time to recover from childbirth as well.

In addition to any physical recovery that needs to occur, it is important for women to also recover mentally from childbirth and all of the stress that physical changes might have caused throughout the course of a pregnancy. After birth, many women feel rather poorly about their appearance, especially in the first few months following the birth of a child. This can make a rash decision even more probable, which can lead to complications if a woman chooses to breastfeed for a longer period of time or have more children.

Proper procedures and knowing exactly what needs to be done is best accomplished after a woman has explored her options after knowing what body she is left with after pregnancy. For many women looking to have more than one child, cosmetic plastic surgery might not be a good option until after the birth of their final baby. This avoids repeat procedures and complications that can arise during multiple pregnancies.

Ultimately, it is up to a woman and her surgeon to decide when a cosmetic surgery is appropriate after childbirth. Typical waiting periods can be up to a year to avoid any complications or regrets, making surgery after pregnancy an option that is more distant than many women might think.

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