rhino2In his recent blog post, “Addressing Function and Aesthetics of the Nose with Rhinoplasty,” Dr Steve Merten discussed common concerns and goals patients have when it comes to the rhinoplasty procedure. He continues in this second installment of his nose surgery blog series, discussing the topic of being realistic about the expectations of your surgical outcome.

Plastic surgery does not usually mean perfect results, and I explain to my patients that each person may respond differently; there are no guarantees with the final outcome of any plastic surgery procedure. The patient should want to improve their appearance or eliminate any functional or medical issue without expecting the final outcome to be completely flawless. Sometimes a patient may have the expectation that a new nose is going to make their life better, save their marriage, or help them climb a career ladder–unfortunately, these expectations are unrealistic.

A small percentage of people who consult a plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty or other cosmetic plastic surgery may suffer from body dysmorphic disorder. These individuals have a very unrealistic body image and are unlikely to be satisfied, no matter what the results are. When I consult with a rhinoplasty patient, I find those who are emotionally and socially well-adjusted tend to be more realistic about what they expect from rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty has the potential to help patients in a number of ways, including:

  • Providing a more appealing nose profile.
  • Helping to equalise any symmetry or uneven nasal openings.
  • Removing a hump on the bridge or straightening out a crooked bridge.

Although many patients reach their cosmetic and functional goals through nose surgery, I make sure my patients understand that everyone may not reach their desired outcome. Sometimes complications can occur or healing may not happen as expected, and in some cases, time can cause changes to the new appearance of the nose. Before I schedule any rhinoplasty surgery, I make sure the patient knows what they can realistically expect.

Steve Merten FRACS

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