When it comes to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures the desired results will usually beMale Cosmetic Plastic Surgery different for men and women. More men than ever before are having many types of plastic surgery and numerous cosmetic procedures with a 5% increase from 2011 to 2012 (ASPS 2012) and this is not surprising. The emphasis that society places on an attractive appearance and an ideal look can be very daunting. If you are a man and you have considered a cosmetic procedure or some type of plastic surgery you are not alone. This is a trend that is no longer contained to Hollywood and the acting industry.

Rhinoplasty,aka the Nose Job, which shapes and sculpts your nose, was by far the top 2012 male cosmetic surgical procedure in America according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons with over 60,000 procedures being performed. Blepharoplasty (eyebrow lift or eyelid surgery) and Breast Reduction in Men (gynaecomastia) were to follow. Cosmetic procedures may offer less drastic results but they typically have fewer considerations and little or no recovery time. Interesting to note is that Face Lifts have been on the rise in men with a 6% increase from 2011.

If you have noticed that you are starting to develop signs of aging then there are some cosmetic minimally invasive procedures that may be able to help! Men are no longer shy to a few injections, having taken advantage of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to smooth out wrinkles, restore volume to the face and ultimately reduce the signs of ageing.The ease of administration of these products make it very suitable for both men and women, with minimal risks and discomfort. According to ASPS there has been a 10% increase from 2011 in dermal filler use in men!

Many men are concerned about a consultation for plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures but you shouldn’t be. More men than ever before are taking advantage of the advancements in plastic surgery and the cosmetic procedure industry. You can like the way you look, and there are many choices and options that you can choose from. No matter what you want to change a plastic surgeon may be able to help you with this goal.

It is important that your goals and expectations are realistic, and a consultation with a specialist like Sydney Plastic Surgeon, Dr Steve Merten, can help you determine the best course of action for your concern.

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