rhino1Patients interested in rhinoplasty express a variety of concerns when they come in for their consultation. To address these concerns, nose surgery patients can be divided into two groups:

  • Patients who want to improve their appearance.
  • Patients who want to eliminate a breathing or functional problem that is present.

For patients who want to change their appearance, a frequent goal is to make their nose more symmetrical or attractive in size or shape. Sometimes one nostril may be larger than the other, or the nose may appear out of balance in some other way. If the bridge of the nose is crooked or the tip is too large or excessively bulbous, this may be corrected with nose surgery. If the nose has been broken, it may appear off-centered or crooked, and in many cases, this can be straightened.

Other patients who consult with me about rhinoplasty are looking for relief from a medical or functional problem that affects them. If the nose has been broken or injured, the septum may be deviated, and this can affect normal breathing. If the nostril has collapsed, this can also impact the ability to breath in a regular manner. Snoring is another common problem that can be eliminated for many patients through rhinoplasty.

— Steve Merten FRACS

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