rhino3Following the second post in his rhinoplasty blog series, “The Importance of Having Realistic Expectations for Rhinoplasty,” Dr Steve Merten details his approach to providing a balanced rhinoplasty outcome in the blog entry below.

My philosophy for rhinoplasty is that any obstructions or structural defects should be corrected, while the appearance of the nose should complement the face and fit harmoniously with the rest of the facial features. The surgery should be tailored for each individual patient, depending on the specific concerns and other factors involved in the case. Patients who come to me because they feel their nose is too large may require a reduction of the nasal hump for a slimmer and more attractive nose profile. Patients who want to decrease the size of their nose tip may require nasal reshaping and the creation of symmetry in the nasal openings.

During the nose surgery, I will correct any structural or functional problems that the patient may have, such as a deviated septum. In some cases where the patient has these issues, their medical insurance may cover some or even all of the procedure due to medical necessity. Any desired aesthetic changes will also be made when I perform the surgery, and this may be different for each individual patient. I feel that it is very important the finished nasal appearance fits well and works in harmony with the rest of the facial features.

— Steve Merten FRACS

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