Being pregnant and having a baby is undoubtedly a beautiful thing; however afterwards you may not be feeling as beautiful and youthful as before. For this reason, a large variety of after pregnancy cosmetic plastic procedures exist to help mothers in

canstockphoto-ABDOMENneed. If you want the body and appearance you had before the children came along, then you may want to choose from post pregnancy cosmetic procedures available. Known in the media as ‘post pregnancy reconstructions’, these cosmetic procedures are very commonly performed and are becoming increasingly popular. That being said, what are the three most popular cosmetic surgeries post pregnancy?

Unfortunately, pregnancy and breast-feeding can have damaging effects on a women’s breasts, and breast plastic surgery procedures are incredibly popular post pregnancy. Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Merten provides his patients with a range of options to choose from when it comes to cosmetic surgeries for the breast.

  1. Breast Enlargement: Known as ‘breast enlargement’, this cosmetic surgery enhances the breast volume and shape, to give them the certain cup size they desire.
  2. Augmentation Mastopexy: In this cosmetic procedure, breast enlargement is combined with a lift, to both increase breast size and volume and lifts the breasts into an ideal position.
  3. Mastopexy: This specific procedure focuses on the lifting of the breasts and improves the shape, without increasing breast size, if sufficient.
  4. Breast reduction: When this cosmetic post pregnancy procedure takes place, woman struggling with breasts too large for their liking or body type have the chance to decrease the overall size of their breasts.

Pregnancy can also have damaging effects in the abdomen. As the skin and abdominal muscles stretch and deflate after pregnancy, a woman may notice an increase in prominence of the abdomen, due to separated muscles as well as stretchy skin. For this reason, “abdominoplasty”, or “tummy tuck” is undoubtedly one of the most popular post pregnancy procedures to take place. This plastic surgery procedure repairs the misplaced muscles and removes the stretched skin, leaving a scar hidden within the underwear position.

Finally, some woman may also notice changes in the pigmentation of their skin during pregnancy. This brings about the last most popular post pregnancy cosmetic surgery, which includes aesthetic facials, peels, dermaroller, and microhydrabarasion treatments which beautify the skin, returning it to its original pigment and creating a refined and refreshed look overall.

These procedures are commonly combined in a single surgery, so a whole-body rejuvenation takes place with a single hospital stay and recovery, to minimise your time off normal activities and allow a faster recovery to enjoy the new you!

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