Birthmarks and moles are small usually dark-coloured marks on the skin. They can be located virtually anywhere from the face to the feet, and anywhere in between. These types of skin marks are typically small in size, however may present cosmetic or health concerns.

While a majority of moles and birthmarks harmless, moles that are changing, getting bigger or darker, may be dangerous and should still be assessed by a professional such as Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Merten.

At this point you might be asking, “What do I need to see a professional for?”

There are a few reasons why getting assessed by a professional is imperative with skin marks:

  • Even the tiniest of skin moles or birthmarks may present health risks. As aforementioned, a majority of these skin lesions are harmless; however, there is no actual way to know this unless a doctor assesses it. Dr Merten will be able to decide whether the mole is simply cosmetic and poses no health risk, or if it is risky or suspicious. Suspicious moles may require removal as they may pose a significant health risk, particularly skin cancer.
  • If you have a birthmark or mole (or other type of skin lesion) somewhere highly visible and you are lacking confidence because of its obvious appearance, you may want to contact a professional as well. Dr Merten will be able to assess the skin lesion and take the proper actions necessary to remove the lesion.
  • If you are considering having removal of your mole, there are a few things you should know about the procedure. These procedures are usually quick and easy and are removed in our Pure Aesthetics medical office as this is minor surgery and the risks associated are very low. After the skin lesion is removed you will have a small scar, though this scar is less noticeable than the original skin lesion.

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