Pure Aesthetics team emphasises factors like type, shape, and size when selecting the right breast implants for augmentation.

The Specialist Plastic Surgeons at Pure Aesthetics discuss how certain breast implant qualities affect the final outcome of one’s Breast Enlargement.

Sydney, NSW – At Sydney plastic surgery practice Pure Aesthetics, the Specialist Plastic Surgeons offer a variety of breast implant options to fully customise the Breast Enlargement procedure. They explain that altering the different implant characteristics based on the patient’s body frame and aesthetic goals aims to achieve the best possible outcome. As the surgeons consult with women to tailor their surgical plan, they highlight five characteristics that are important for providing a beautiful breast appearance.

Implant Type: Both saline and silicone breast implants can provide aesthetic results when selected for the right candidates, although in Australia silicone gel-filled implants are more commonly used, and entail a silicone shell filled with a silicone gel substance. Saline implants involve a silicone shell filled with a saline material, but are less popular in Australia as they may feel less natural.

Implant Shape: Breast implants come in round and anatomic shapes. Round implants project more in the center and tend to create more upper pole fullness. Anatomically shaped implants, often referred to as teardrop-shaped, are fuller in the lower half, mimicking a natural breast. Both shapes can give a beautiful outcome, depending on the patient’s natural shape and desired outcome.

Implant Size: Determining the best size of breast implants for a patient will depend upon their body structure and the overall look they hope to achieve. The plastic surgeons work with each individual to help them find the right implant size and projection to produce the desired look. The team uses 3D imaging technology to aid in the selection of implant size and shape. They do not endorse “over-sized,” excessively large breast implants.

Implant Profiles: The profile of a breast implant is the width of the implant base compared to how far the implant projects outward. Profile options range from more conservative “low” through to more dramatic and fuller “extra high,” providing a range of aesthetic outcomes to suit.

Implant Placement: Breast implants can be placed in a pocket either over or under the pectoralis muscle. A major factor that can affect which placement is better is how much natural tissue is present. Thinner patients with less breast tissue can typically achieve more natural-looking results with submuscular placement (under the muscle).

Every breast implant characteristic offers unique pros and cons that the Pure Aesthetics surgeons discuss in detail during the consultation process. To help patients visualise their final results, the team utilises Crisalix 3D imaging technology, which provides a simulation of how the patient’s breasts may look after surgery.

The specialist plastic surgeons note that in order to achieve the utmost patient satisfaction, they strive to keep patients closely involved in every stage of their procedure. By keeping them informed and part of the decision-making process, details of their surgical plan can be adjusted as needed to ensure the patient obtains their desired outcome.

About Pure Aesthetics

Sydney-based plastic surgery practice Pure Aesthetics offers an expansive selection of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures—from Breast Enlargement and post pregnancy reconstruction surgery to gender affirmation surgery and tummy tuck surgery. The team of Specialist Plastic Surgeons are all FRACS Fellowship trained by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and includes the practice’s senior surgeon, Dr Steve Merten, as well as Dr Robert Knight. Patients are also cared for by cosmetic physician Dr Noela Ferch. The doctors are available for consultations by appointment.

For more information about Pure Aesthetics, visit pureaesthetics.com.au or facebook.com/PureAestheticsSydney.


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