Skin Therapy

We work in conjunction with your skin's functions to balance, restore & rejuvenate your skin.

Home Care Solutions

Effective skin care therapy is not only confined to cosmetic clinics; much of it depends on how you look after your skin in the comfort of your own home. Fortunately, there are many easy steps that you can take at home to protect and heal your skin.

Using the Highest Quality Home Care Solutions

Finding and using the best home care solution products will make a difference in the health of your skin. Your face and neck will look better when consistently using effective, cosmeceutical-grade ingredients that are designed for optimal results. Pure Aesthetics is proud to utilise Luzern Pure Cosmeceuticals, a non-toxic, pure skin care range that sources its ingredients from the most effective Bio-Swiss Active ingredients from the Valais region of Switzerland.

Luzern Cosmeceuticals products offer quality grade home care solutions that cleanse, moisturise and protect your skin from sun damage and free radicals.

We’ve Selected Only the Best

The products that we back are safe and extremely effective. We have evaluated a wide range of products and selected the ones that we know are the best. The end result is products that you trust and will want to use.

Why do we love Luzern Cosmeceuticals?

  • Pure processing
  • No animal testing
  • Paraben free
  • Toxic 12 free
  • Skin perfecting Swiss extracts
  • Bio-Suisse actives

What every Home Skin Care should entail?

  • Cleanser to remove all traces of dirt and oil without stripping, drying or irritating the skin such as Luzern Pure Cleansing Gelee
  • Toner to maintain hydration and suppleness such as Luzern Vita O2 Hydra-refining mist
  • Individualised Serum to suit your current skin condition
  • Moisturiser such as Luzern Force De Vie Crème Luxe, to restore the “Life Force” to skin by optimising 3 key cellular elements: energy, moisture and nutrients
  • Sunscreen to minimise the signs of premature aging and formation of dark spots such as Luzern La Defense

Do you have any more questions?

For more information about how our skin care products can help you achieve and maintain skin that is beautiful and healthy, feel free to contact us.


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