Dr Steve Merten identifies how common plastic surgery procedures vary according to the age of the patient and their cosmetic needs.

Sydney, NSW – Throughout his years as a Sydney plastic surgeon, Dr Steve Merten has performed numerous cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. While each patient is unique and requires a customised treatment plan, Dr Merten has noticed a connection between the type of treatment desired and the age of the patient. He explains how people in the same age group tend to experience similar effects of aging, triggering their interest in cosmetic treatments.

At Pure Aesthetics, Dr Merten treats patients of a wide range of ages. He notes how those in their 20s are less concerned about aging and focus more on enhancement procedures, such as Breast Enlargement and rhinoplasty. Patients in their 30s, however, begin to see the effects of aging and often opt for non-surgical facial rejuvenation, treatments for stubborn fat, or surgical options to improve post-pregnancy concerns. Dr Merten points out how many of these issues are heightened as people get into their 40s, which is the most popular age for cosmetic surgery at his practice. These patients often want more advanced procedures to treat signs of aging in the face and body, such as the facelift procedure.

As patients enter their 50s and 60s, Dr Merten recognises a greater demand for facial plastic surgery to achieve a youthful appearance, as well as body contouring for a more fit-looking shape. In addition, he explains how these age groups undergo more reconstructive surgeries because of cancers, injuries, or other medical conditions. In Dr Merten’s words, “The popularity of the procedures for each age group closely correlate to the specific problems experienced during this time in the aging process.”

While people ages 20 through 60 tend to be his most common plastic surgery patients, Dr Merten clarifies, “There is no specific age when plastic surgery becomes an option, or when it stops being possible, as long as the patient is a good candidate for surgery.” As noted in his blog post, “Dr Merten Discusses Plastic Surgery for Various Ages in Q&A Interview,” patients must be mentally mature and have realistic expectations, as there are no guaranteed results.

Dr Merten recognises that every patient, despite their age, has unique issues and considerations that need to be assessed. He encourages those interested in cosmetic or reconstructive treatments to schedule a consultation with an experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeon to receive the utmost safety and care throughout the process.

About Steve Merten, FRACS

Dr Steve Merten received his medical degree from Sydney University. He then completed Aesthetic Surgery Fellowships at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery and Monash University, as well as a Fellowship in Breast Reconstruction at the University of British Columbia, Canada. In addition to his work at Pure Aesthetics, Dr Merten is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, where he trains fellow plastic surgeons from around the globe. He is a member of such prestigious organisations as the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr Merten is available for interview upon request.

For more information about Dr Merten and Pure Aesthetics, please visit pureaesthetics.com.au or facebook.com/PureAestheticsSydney.


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